How modern organizations can master real-time analytics


To make faster and more accurate decisions for better results is an everyday battle to management in organizations. Those who use data wisely will be the winners. Becoming a data driven organization is the key, but it often requires a change of mindset and stepping out of the old habits.

Collecting data is no longer a problem, on the contrary, massive amounts of data trundles from numerous channels. Data quality and getting something out of the data is often considered a complicated data science practice that takes too much time. Today advanced analytics can be applied to data streams coming from multiple sources and make decisions based on real time analytics. It is already being used for example in healthcare, retail and manufacturing.

On this video I will share insights on what the true value of real time analytics is, and what are the steps you need to take to implement it. I will be happy to hear your thoughts, too - you can reach me on Twitter: @henkkuh


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Henrikki Hervonen

Director, Nordic Pre-Sales

Data is the most valuable asset of any organization. Turning data assets into new information through intelligent analytics is not a nice-to-have process, but rather a must-have process for any business wanting to survive in the 21st century. Wheter you are a data scientist or a chief data officer you must have analytics on your agenda. I’m happy to discuss all things analytical and how your organization can be empowered by better decisions. My team and I are currently helping business leaders to drive higher value out of practical deployment of advanced analytics.

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