Copy cats, gamblers or entrepreneurs?


Did you find that special card of diamonds in the card deck if you were gambling in Las Vegas? Did you find that golden egg? Did you manage to keep up with everything that was happening almost 24/7?

The program at SAS Global Forum was set from morning to late hours, 3 days in a row; Networking opportunities, sessions and keynotes, demos and Talking Points gave us the chance to hear other people´s experience in using SAS, and the ability to discuss with SAS Experts and be part of very exciting new SAS launches.

We also spent time to network and establish new relations, with Nordic and global colleagues, customers and partners, spending valuable hours socializing and sharing knowledge and inspiration, in and around the amazing Las Vegas.

I speak for myself when it comes to finding those golden nuggets. They were there. I learned a lot during the conference and got to know many new, great customers, which is very valuable for me personally.

Busy schedule at SAS Global Forum

Busy schedule at SAS Global Forum

Your experience - Inspiration from your colleagues
What did you experience at SAS Global Forum? What did the presentations and findings, and new ways of doing things mean to you? Moreover, to your manager and organization, that has invested in your presence at the conference? I believe one positive effect is that you will work differently when returning after SAS Global Forum. Do you agree?

Driving your business forward means challenging the normality’s and to adjust the governed way to do things. Understanding the way other people think, does that mean you are copying their work? Alternatively, does it prevent you from repeating their flaws and potentially doing things faster and more accurate using your new knowledge? I believe you will find this out yourself the next days, weeks and months, and that it will be much easier to convince your manager next year letting you go to Orlando, Florida and experience SAS Global Forum 2017, with the new insights and great work coming from you.

I guess you also learned to know new people that you will stay in contact with, both from SAS Institute, and other organizations. Without the opportunity to go to SAS Global Forum you would not had the same chance to network. Valuable to you personally and professionally, but also of high value to your organization in order to solve challenges in your daily work.

Presentations and recordings
One thing that troubled me during the conference, and probably some of you attending, was that many of the presentations I wanted to attend occurred in parallel. Well, I have great news for you. You can now download all proceedings and papers available from the conference, via the application on your phone or the SAS Global Forum web site. You can also see presentations and interviews on video. You will not miss out after all!

Nordic presenters at SAS Global Forum
SAS owes a huge thanks to everyone who contributed with presentations at this year’s conference. Without them sharing their knowledge there will not be a conference next year. Now we are building the program for SAS Forum and SAS Business Forum for all Nordic countries, taking place this fall. If you want to share your SAS knowledge and inspire others, submit your brief abstract (max 300 words) of your idea to Program Committee lead Georg Morsing: before May 25.

Hoping to see you all this fall at our Nordic SAS Forums and next spring at SAS Global Forum 2017! Meanwhile, you could read more on our new, exciting launches:

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SAS® Customer Intelligence 360

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