First SAS Academy for Data Science in Europe


Many data scientists began their careers as statisticians or data analysts. Data is no longer just an afterthought for IT to handle. It’s key information that requires analysis, creative curiosity and a knack for translating high-tech ideas into new ways to turn a profit. Data scientists weren’t on many radars a decade ago, but today businesses need to tackle big data issues, unwieldy mass of unstructured information can no longer be ignored and forgotten. To make it happened someone must love to dig in and unearths business insights that no one thought to look for before.

The SAS Academy for Data Science help you sharpen your skills and validate your expertise in High Performance Analytics. The Academy has started in Cary and now, the first SAS Academy for Data Science in Europe will be offered in Netherlands from sept 2016.  Introductions will take place on the European conferences Decision at scale in Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

Stockholm is running their second group, with 12 Data Scientist 42-61173121attendees, of the SAS Data Discovery Scientist, (“Citizen Data Scientist”). This 12 month program is an individual customized case program addressed to SAS Clients and Partners. Beside essential tools and solutions the program has a focus on soft skills and mindset for analytics, business value and communication. The arrangement combining classroom, eLearning and self-studies theory and internship in real life case. The attendees also gives access to local SAS experts during the program. In strong Partnerships with core areas outside SAS, this program cover the full and unique value chain in talent management for a Data Scientists.

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Patric Hellgren

Advisory Business Program Manager, Nordic

Business & Development & Strategic Partnerships ”Business Analytics provides the best results when customers, suppliers and partners collaborate in a common language, models and understanding in what real value predictive analytics deliver" I spend most of my time trying to unpack the complexities of blending data analytics, skills sharing and humanity in ways that contribute positively to higher business value. Throughout my career, I have been driven by a passion to develop business models where core competencies of actors work together to achieve scalability and higher performance for end-customers. In a world that has become increasingly digital, this has become even more of a distinctive aspect of my expertise and daily responsibility. I have built and established SAS Partner Program in Sweden, and been part of the SAS EMEA Council for Strategic Alliances, been part of the Swedish and Nordic Management team and are the Principal Architect for SAS Business Analytics Academy and SAS Data Discovery Scientist Program. Today my passion and main mission is to develop, establish and drive Business Driven Training programs with leadership teams at our key accounts. Using the ecosystem we creating the next generation workforce and competitive advantage for our clients and partners. Contact:

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