'Unbox' Your Box Plots - part deux


There was a recent comment on the original 'Unbox Your Box Plots', where a user wants to see the original data for the box, but only label the outliers.

As noted in the comment, labeling all the scatter markers and turning on the outlier display is not ideal. But there is a way to do this.

The basic idea:

  • PROC MEANS (or PROC UNIVARIATE) to compute the Q1 and Q3 for the data
  • compute the upper and lower fences
  • blank out the label variable if that observation is not an outlier.

With SAS 9.4, GTL scatter plots support jitter. So we can do away with workaround using interval X axis as required in the original post. Here is the GTL output:

GTL Box plot with jittered data

You can also do this with SGPLOT procedure (as of SAS 9.4, 1st maintenance release), with the result as shown below:

SGPlot box plot with jittered data

The full code for both examples is here.


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Prashant Hebbar is a software developer in Data Visualization at SAS. He began his career at SAS in 1997. His areas of expertise are the Graph Template Language (GTL), the ODS Graphics Designer and image formats.


    • Prashant Hebbbar
      Prashant Hebbbar on

      Hi Roger,
      In this post, the scatter markers have been jittered via the jitter=auto option on the scatter statement. The data labels associated with these markers are placed to avoid collision automatically by the system.

      Hope that helps?

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