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Hadoop is ... fill in the blank

My new favorite game  is quite addictive, simple and, believe it or not, free. I call it "Stumped by Google Autocomplete." Here's how it works: type any word or phrase into Google, and see what Google suggests with it's Autocomplete function. Like all things Google, this feature learns from searches

Tamara Dull 1
How Hadoop can help... even if you don’t have big data

“Our corporate data is growing at a rate of 27% each year and we expect that to increase. It’s just getting too expensive to extend and maintain our data warehouse.” “Don’t talk to us about our ‘big’ data. We’re having enough trouble getting our ‘small’ data processed and analyzed in

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Big data management survey: Hadoop is the word

Recently, TDWI released "Managing Big Data," a report that explored trends in big data management (BDM). The author, Philip Russom, is an expert in the fields of data warehousing and data management, and for this report he surveyed more than 400 practitioners about their big data efforts. One thing  immediately evident is

Phil Simon 0
Big data and big money

Early in my career, I spent a great deal of time looking at and analyzing employee compensation data. Among my early discoveries: even the secretaries in Hawaii make a great deal of money. (The cost of living is quite high there, I'm told.) While I've since moved on to other

Madhu Nair 0
Narrowing the lead on big data early adopters

A new SAS survey uncovered a big data disconnect, with only 12 percent of organizations on board. Why weren’t more of the organizations surveyed taking steps towards a big data pay off? Without a doubt those that are implementing big data strategies will see a competitive advantage. And the longer they

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