SAS Event Stream Processing with Hortonworks – The future is now


satisfied man at computerEven the most casual observers of the IT space over the last few years are bound to have heard about Hadoop and the advantages it brings. Consider its ability to store data in virtually any format and process it in parallel. Hadoop distributors, such as Hortonworks, can also provide enterprise-level data governance and security. Hadoop certainly has been a game changer.

These days, organizations are not only seeking to gain insights on data that wasn’t available to them in the past (think unstructured data). Now they’re looking to do it in a manner and speed not possible before (think streaming data). As the Hadoop space matures with continual innovations, organizations are sure to uncover even more opportunities for gleaning insights from their data.

But organizations can’t rely on methods of the past. From banks seeking to fight back fraud, to energy firms looking to take a proactive approach to unplanned production interruptions, organizations need solutions that can help them step into the future.

What if you could enhance your current investment in Hadoop and Hortonworks by capturing data while it’s in motion and providing cleansing, aggregation and analysis before the streaming events land in Hadoop?

With SAS Event Stream Processing and Hortonworks, organizations can:

  • Gain immediate answers to their most critical business questions.
  • Continuously evaluate opportunities and risks.
  • Reduce the time needed to make decisions.

All this is possible while using YARN, which allows SAS Event Stream Processing to be deployed and managed on an existing Hortonworks HDP cluster.

Take a deeper look at how to capture and consume data like never before, and provide analytical insights on data while it’s in motion – at blazing speeds. Learn how you can use SAS Event Streaming Processing in conjunction with Hortonworks. To get more details about the SAS and Hortonworks partnership, visit the SAS and Hortonworks Partner Page.


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