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Jim Harris is a recognized data quality thought leader with 25 years of enterprise data management industry experience. Jim is an independent consultant, speaker, and freelance writer. Jim is the Blogger-in-Chief at Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality, an independent blog offering a vendor-neutral perspective on data quality and its related disciplines, including data governance, master data management, and business intelligence.


  1. A game indeed, Jim. Popular guess work in databases and data entry forms around is:

    State: Does that cover a US state, a Canadian province as well or any region around the world that might or might not be a mandatory part of a postal address?

    ZIP code: Does that cover a 5 or 9 digit US postal code or any postal code (postcode, plz, pin …) around the world?

    Last name: Is that a surname / family name in western cultures or a given name in Asian cultures or do you want a total mixup?

    • Jim Harris

      Tak for din kommentar, Henrik.

      Yes, even when Meta Monty labels the columns Let’s Meta a Data can still be a frustrating game for users to play, especially international contestants. It still surprises me when companies with a worldwide presence use web forms with United States metadata labels (e.g., as you as noted, State and ZIP).

  2. Robin Rappaport on

    We manage our metadata well, subject to resource constraints. The metadata that we publish to our internal website is considered a Service best practice. The only game I am constantly playing is with trying to have adequate resources to develop and maintain data in support of our Big Data Data Warehouse.

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