SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Introduction to marketing data management


No matter what your brand's level of marketing maturity is, SAS can help you move from data to insight to action with rich functionality for adaptive planning, journey activation and an embedded real-time decision engine – all fueled by powerful analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Let's begin with a short discussion about the marketing journey. Although you might wonder how the marketing journey is different from the overly used term "customer journey," it doesn't really matter. Any way you slice these buzz words, it's an overlapping subject frequently discussed in martech with an endless array of viewpoints. Here is our perspective:

Figure 1: The SAS marketing journey

Over the next few months, I will author a series of articles that will capture thought leadership, personal perspectives and technology demonstrations associated with these five categories. As we settle in, I want to share an update on SAS Customer Intelligence 360 and the release of exciting, new content:

With that said, let's dive into an introduction of SAS Marketing Data Management, and how it intersects with AI and analytics.

Figure 2: SAS Marketing Data Management

Simply stated, the term "marketing data management" describes how SAS Customer Intelligence 360 can enhance and extend customer data activation, while allowing users to move beyond a traditional customer data platform with our hybrid architecture. 360 Discover and 360 Engage are the SAS software modules that live and breath marketing data management capabilities, and I invite you to view a video that will address the following topics:

  1. Introduction to SAS Marketing Data Management.
  2. What is 360 Discover?
  3. Technology demonstration for data capture & identity management.

To learn more about how the SAS platform can be applied to other marketing and customer-centric use cases, please check out additional posts here.


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