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The earth - our home.Today is Earth Day – an annual event that began in 1970, which is considered by many to be the spark of the modern environmental movement. Recycling, environmental impact consideration, resource conservation and similar concepts are all rooted in the idea that as humanity grows and evolves, our impact on the environment grows accordingly (and often in negative ways).

It should not be too much of a stretch to understand how that relates to marketing.

Marketing Has An Impact on the Environment
The mailing experts at Pitney Bowes actually published a whitepaper called The Environmental Impact of Mail: A Baseline, which documents plainly and explicitly what happens with mail globally – resource consumption in producing it, and the impact of conservation and recycling. The message is clear – being careful with how much mail you send and accurate targeting to reduce waste is a good thing. Sustainable sourcing and fostering recycling efforts are also good things.

And marketing today is so much more than printed postcards and presorted letters. It’s increasingly digital, which has multiple potential electronic formats and even those have environmental impacts and thoughtful marketers should bear those in mind as well. But environmental impact is one piece of the puzzle.

A Better Customer Experience
In addition to being kind to the earth, there are practical business reasons for reducing resource consumption and boosting returns – in the end it makes more money. And on the way to that more profitable outcome, the more important consideration is that it also enables you to deliver a better customer experience, foster customer loyalty and guide your customers along their decision journey more effectively. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Start your own journey today with a closer look at SAS Marketing Optimization. Simply put – it’s software that allows you to arrive at best marketing outcomes that are mathematically calculated using the world’s best analytics. It really shines when there are multiple products with multiple offers and multiple possible channels, when timing matters and you have competitors trying elbow you out of the way. Does that sound familiar?

Go to Market the Right Way
Yes, you really can be better at marketing with optimization – you can confidently know you are reaching the right customers with the right messages at the right times and in the right ways. Be kind to the earth with SAS Marketing Optimization - it’s proven to deliver better marketing.

Reach out to one of our marketing experts and let us show you how.


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