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The CMO Council research reveals key ways marketers view mobile as critical.Few advances in technology have impacted how we do business as broadly and profoundly as mobile devices. They are creating new opportunities for organizations to engage with their customers, but more importantly, mobile devices are changing how people behave. For that reason, we partnered with the CMO Council to study the opportunities and challenges presented by mobile and how marketers are responding to it. The findings were just released in a report titled, Getting in Sync with Mobile Customers.

One clear conclusion of the report is that marketers are missing the boat with mobile if they think of it as just another channel to reach their customers. Such an approach is too company-centered and if not well executed, will repel customers by being too intrusive. The opportunity lies in considering how the customer wants to engage with your brand and engaging on the customer's terms. Doing that builds goodwill that teaches the customer to trust your messages.

The CMO Council research reveals 4 key opportunities to advance mobile.The other reason mobile devices are not "just another channel" is that they are highly valued and always present, so there is an emotional dimension that's not associated with email, digital or other forms of engagement. That emotional dimension is an opportunity for brands to forge experiences that have a lasting impact - if done right.

The other difference is that interactive devices such as tablets and smartphones are digital, search and social, all in one. By definition, that makes such devices multi-channel, and each individual may have their own preferences and their own ideas of what's acceptable (i.e SMS texts, emails, apps, social media interactions).

That built-in complexity drives the need for new thinking, new platforms and new talent to ensure that a mobile mindset is woven into the entire customer journey. It requires new strategies to address how customers want to engage with various devices at various times and in various formats.

The biggest opportunity with mobile lies in applying analytics to the data generated by the devices in use to drive powerful personalization that's both relevant and real-time. When done right, that kind of engagement is what evolves into lasting relationships

The CMO Council study revealed that budgets and confidence in data are key challenges holding back advancement in mobile. Other key findings include a few key disconnects that can allow you to learn from others' mistakes, such as:

  • Measurements of success too often focus on traditional campaign metrics, which misses the strategic opportunity inherent in mobile.
  • Mobile is often underfunded, as reported by about half of the respondents, possibly leading to mobile initiatives falling short of expectations.
  • One mobile size should not fit all, yet an overwhelming majority of respondents are developing one mobile experience for use across all operating systems, and less than one-third are creating unique experiences based on device type, OS or behavior.

There is so much more that the report has to offer, and I encourage you to download it: Getting in Sync with Mobile Customers. I learned a great deal from working with the CMO Council on the project and I hope you find the report useful.

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