Exploring how to get in sync with mobile customers

Mobile Customers on a Journey

Customers on a Mobile Journey

Mobile technology and the advent of tablets and smartphones have transformed whole industries and are changing customer behavior in ways that impact marketers around the globe.

More than just another channel, mobile is digital and social at the same time.  It’s making the quest for marketers to stay in sync with the customer journey infinitely more complex and nuanced as the digitally empowered customer now has new expectations for a fully connected, mobile, personalized and relevant experience. And opportunities often show up disguised as challenges, and the challenge of mobile customers is no exception.

Great opportunities come with the stream of digital data from mobile. The rich data source enables marketers to learn more about customer preferences without being intrusive, opening avenues to inform product development, packaging, pricing, distribution, contact policies, and more.

Classic Mobile Customers

Classic Mobile Customers

The streams of data from mobile also allow for measurement and testing to drive efficiency gains and the ability to “fail faster,” and therefore recover sooner. Through that process we learn and get better at what we do. It’s all very exciting – but it’s not the data itself that gets the job done.

In order to reap all those rewards, you need marketing analytics to make the necessary connections among the data, to unlock the hidden insights and to go beyond understanding simply what your customers want. With analytics, it’s now within reach to understand and accurately predict how your customers want it, when they want it, where they want it, and you may even get insights as to why they want it.

Mobile is about location, but it’s also about time and mind-set. It requires a new marketing mindset that envisions the delivery of relevant content in parallel to the aggregation of this rich customer intelligence.

Contemporary Mobile Customers

Contemporary Mobile Customers

More than ever, mobile has become the cornerstone to experience, and it’s never been more important to use marketing analytics to be relevant in real-time with today’s mobile customers.

We’ve partnered with the CMO Council this year to explore mobile marketing with primary research around the question of getting in sync with our mobile customers.

The research findings have inspired a session at this year’s Premier Business Leadership Series Conference which is moderated by CMO Council Senior Vice President Liz Miller and features Sean Coar, Group Vice President at Time-Warner Cable and Michele Kelsey, Executive Vice President at Wells Fargo. If you are at the conference, please plan to catch this session and if not, stay tuned because we’ll capture the content and share it afterward.

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