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Modernize your marketing with SAS Customer Intelligence solutions.Modernizing your software infrastructure is vital to remaining an efficient and competitive organization. Operating on legacy environments often leads to a disproportionate amount of time, resources, and money being spent attempting to maintain and/or operate these older environments.

Recently, we got the chance to hear from one of our customers about how thrilled they were with their modernization with SAS Customer Intelligence - havingĀ upgraded recently to the latest version of SAS Customer Intelligence Studio. Their resultsĀ tell a great story about the power of modernizationĀ - 40 minutes saved per campaign, which translates to 28 hours a week! Multiply this by all the campaigns that run in a year and they are realizing 60,000 hours of time savings per year!

To find out more about the solutions we offer and they power they provide, please visit SAS Customer Intelligence.


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Jonathan Moran

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Senior Product Marketing Manager focusing on the SAS Customer Intelligence Solutions. Over 10 years experience in the Customer Intelligence industry. Very interested in the rise of social, the profitability of customers, and best practice retention strategies. Love talking sports, family, and music!

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