So marketing, do you do Hadoop?


Some people consider "big data" an "overused" buzzword, almost as if it were a fad or a "trending term" and then in a year, we'll all move on to the next "shiny object." We may very well have a new shiny object soon enough, but the fact remains that big data is a current issue because it's real. Big data presents both challenges and opportunities, and I believe the opportunities will drive its endurance as a business topic more than the challenges. The thought behind that is that great options are emerging to manage the challenges.

A Non-Geeks' Big Data Playbook; Hadoop and the Enterprise Data WarehouseHadoop is a great example of a viable option to meet big data challenges, and marketers need to "do Hadoop" at least a little because customer data streams are driving much of big data. We can't just fling it over the transom for IT to take care of, so I recommend that all marketers "do Hadoop."

Start with this whitepaper, A Non-Geek's Big Data Playbook: Hadoop and the Enterprise Big Data Warehouse. Written by SAS Director of Emerging Technologies Tamara Dull, the paper is very visual and showcases six common “plays” of how Hadoop supports and extends the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) ecosystem.

I hope you'll find this paper gives you perspectives to help you work with your I.T. counterparts to look beyond the big data challenges and focus on realizing all the big data opportunities.

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      Hi Peter,
      Here's some more information for you about your question. It turns out that SAS Enterprise Guide can access Hadoop a few different ways. With SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop, you can easily access data in Hadoop via Hive. Plus, other features allow additional connectivity. SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop can therefore be used with most Hadoop distributions. In addition, SAS/ACCESS Interface to Impala will provide connectivity for customers using Cloudera’s new production-ready SQL-on-Hadoop solution later this year. Once you decide on your access engine, then accessing your data is just like accessing any other data source from SAS Enterprise Guide. If you need more detail than that, I'd suggest to learn more about SAS/Access Interface to Hadoop, or check in with your account team. I hope that helps!

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