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There is a great opportunity for marketers coming up at DMA:2011 to learn about how customer analytics help marketing fulfill its mandate as a driver of profitable revenue growth.  SAS will present a DMA:2011 Preconference Intensive Session on Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2, titled Customer Intelligence & Analytics.   There will be four parts that emphasize practical content and customer case-studes that illustrate key points.

Part I: The World of Marketing Is Changing. Are You Being Left Behind?
The intersection between Marketing and Analytics has continued to evolve based on the increasing demand to “understand the customer.” The proliferation of available data, channels and content makes it hard to focus on, understand and keep track of where true opportunities lie. Today, there are various sources, both offline and online, through which consumers provide an array of information that is key to the brand’s future.

Part II: Exploring the Idea & Value of Marketing Analytic Techniques
Just as the evolution of powerful relational database platforms led to customer relationship management, the ability to house, manage, cleanse, and analyze data sourced from customer behavior, marketing campaigns, social media channels, web browsing behavior, video, blogs, and other digital/non-digital sources will enable a higher level of consumer engagement.

Part III: The Analytic Engine + Marketing Execution = Customer Intelligence
Fueled by the explosion of available data and simplicity of integrating analytics into the execution process, marketing’s competitive advantage to find the most profitable growth opportunities, take the best actions, and maximize cross-business impact is now. Your success is a function of the quality of your customer data, insight, and how you choose to leverage customer data to drive better decision making, customer-centered marketing and personalized experiences. By turning data into trusted, analytically-driven customer insight, you can harness the data explosion for competitive advantage.

Part IV: An Evolutionary Process: Moving Toward Analytically Driven Marketing
The payoff of analytically-driven marketing is a superior customer experience leading to positive business results such as increased profitable revenue growth and/or reduced costs. However, the organization’s transformation does not have to occur overnight. It is an evolution that can be implemented in strategic process increments. In this session, we will explore where analytics enables the successful execution of the marketing process through examples of ever-increasing marketing/business complexities.

Debbie Mayville, Sr. Solutions Architect, Communications/Marketing Analytics, SAS
Suneel Grover, Solutions Architect, Integrated Marketing Analytics, SAS
David Kelly, Solutions Architect, Customer Intelligence, SAS


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