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The moment you (the expert) start to think a topic is boring is the moment when the average person is just starting to become aware of that topic.

As soon as I'm bored with a topic, I know it's time to write about it at least five more times. It's time to find ways to overcome my boredom and write about it from a new angle or with a new metaphor. It's time to write a list or ask a question or link to old posts on the topic, but it is not time to move on and stop writing about it.

It doesn't matter if the slang people are using to refer to my topic seems trite. It doesn't matter if my colleagues are saying, "That's nothing new. We have always done that." It doesn't matter if I've already written five posts about it and read a few dozen others.

This is the secret to being heard online.

You might feel at times like you're just contributing to the noise. You might tell yourself that you're above it all. You might think that another article, paper or post on this same topic is the last thing you need to do with your time. But you would be wrong.

Why? Because hundreds of potential customers have just started researching the very topic that seems like old news to you. Hundreds of others have just heard that trite cliché for the first time, and found it useful to understanding the topic. Still hundreds more have read their first article on the topic and bookmarked it to read again later.

When those potential customers start Googling your topic to learn more, do you want to be in the search results? Or do you want to take pride in the fact that you were above using those silly marketing terms that everyone else is using these days? Whose phone do you think will be ringing and who will be getting invited to speak to potential customers? The person who overcame their boredom or the person who was too good to write about it anymore?

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  1. Rick Wicklin on

    A good tip to remember!
    This reminds me of the "80-20 rule," which has many incarnations. One is, "20% of the topics are useful to 80% of the people" so it makes sense to continually discuss the 20% over and over again. At my blog, I focus 1/3 of my posts on basic, fundamental principals, and 2/3 on new, innovative, "sexy," ideas. This scheme keeps me from getting bored, while continually serving those who discover my blog for the first time.
    By the way, the "80-20 rule" is generalized in statistics to something called "the Pareto distribution." It is often summarized as "20% of the population controls 80% of the wealth." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareto_principle

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