The next bald social media guru in the making?


Seth Godin, bald. Mitch Joel, bald. Greg Verdino, bald. Stacey Alexander, bald.

Yes, you heard that right. Former SAS intern, Stacey Alexander, who blogged here frequently last summer, is shaving her head. But no, she's not really doing it to join the bald social media guru club. Instead, she's doing it to raise money to help cure childhood cancer.

Stacey, along with her colleagues at Media Two -- eight men and one other woman, Morgan Siem -- will shave their heads on April 7 at North Carolina State University's Harris Field to benefit St. Baldrick's Foundation.

I checked in with Stacey last week to see what she was thinking as the big day approaches.

When and where will you be going under the razor?

Stacey: Our St. Baldrick’s event is on April 7th at 4pm. It will be held on NC State’s campus at Harris Field. Everybody’s invited to come out!

Stacey Alexander with hair (Photo by DeShelia Spann)

Will you also be donating the shaved hair?

Stacey: I’ve donated my hair before, and would love to do it again. Unfortunately, they can’t accept hair that has been permanently dyed, and you have to have a 10 ½ inch ponytail. Aside from the hair dye, I had about 11-12 inches cut off about a month before we made the decision to participate in St. Baldrick’s.

Do you have any last-day-with-hair plans for the night before?

Stacey: Not the night before, but the weekend before. Morgan and I promised that the first two people to donate $1000 each could pick the color(s) of our hair before the event. Mine declined to choose, so I’ll be in Charleston for a race the weekend before our event, and I’ve given my friend down there free reign. I have no idea what I’ll look like that week!

Do you think this could help vault you to bald social media super stardom alongside Seth Godin and Mitch Joel?

Stacey: Haha! That would be awesome! Super stardom probably requires more than a bald head, but every little bit counts, right? Look out Seth and Mitch!

How about a fun weekly or daily photo afterwards so everyone can watch your hair grow back in?

Stacey: We have plans to begin a regular Daily Booth entry. We don’t have a date to start, but there will definitely be some before as well as after pictures. We’re looking forward to exploring what we can do as it grows in. We’re thinking of accessories and styles, so we’ll be sharing that there. I, personally, want a fauxhawk as some point as it grows out. So stay tuned for that.

Okay, I'll stop fooling around, and get to the serious stuff. What do you hope you can achieve for the charity through this activity?

Stacey: Morgan and I set a super ridiculously high fundraising goal. We’re nowhere near it, but it’s gotten us off our tails to do everything we can to raise money for this great organization. And that was the point. We’ve done pretty well, but we’re not slowing down. We still have three fundraising events scheduled and some volunteer fundraising opportunities. We’ve also been fortunate enough to have people cover our story, so we hope to raise awareness as well as money for St. Baldrick’s. Children’s cancer is the number one disease killer of children in the US and Canada, and St. Baldrick’s is really making a difference. Maybe someone will be inspired to participate next year because they read about us on one of these sites. I would like that.

Anything else I’m forgetting?

Stacey: If anyone reading this post wants to donate, I’d like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We really appreciate it, and the kids do too. Know that you’re making a difference!


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  1. Michael Hubbard on

    Great article! We are all VERY proud of the efforts, and we know the kids that St. Baldrick's helps are too! Great job!

  2. Great post! I got to know Stacey towards the end of her summer internship while at SAS and we've stayed friends since then. Really proud of her efforts for this great cause! Talk about power of social media and how you can leverage it for a noble cause like this.

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