10 things you can do with social media analytics


If I say, social media analytics, and you say, What's that? I have some good links for you.

First, you'll want to read this interview with Katie Paine, where she explains, among other things, the difference between social monitoring ,social measurement and social analytics.

"Social analytics is where measurement and business intelligence converge," explains Katie.

But what can you do with social analytics? How can it be useful within your organization? Here's a partial list, pulled from sascom magazine:

  1. Protect your brand.
  2. Engage the most influential voices in your market.
  3. Understand what trends lead to sales.
  4. Identify an untapped market.
  5. Enhance market research.
  6. Understand the impact of industry changes.
  7. Improve online advertising effectiveness.
  8. Gather competitive intelligence.
  9. Improve warranty analysis.
  10. Create a better customer experience.

Read the full article from sascom to learn more about using social data to build brand awareness, conduct market research and provide customer support.

Finally, what if you're an IT leader at a company that's starting to explore social media analytics? What role should you play when working with this new, external data source? Heed this advice from SAS marketing executive, Lori Bieda: Why IT Can't Ignore Social Media.

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