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When you have favorite customers, you get excited to see them do exciting things. That's how I felt about seeing 1-800-FLOWERS.COM President Chris McCann on the CBS prime time show Undercover Boss. The reality show disguises corporate executives and sends them undercover as rank-and-file employees to learn what it's like to work in their own company.

I've interviewed 1-800-FLOWERS.COM employees for some of the stories we've written about their company, and I've met Chris' brother Jim, the CEO of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM at a SAS conference.

After watching the Undercover Boss episode featuring the McCann brothers, you'll know why we like working with them at SAS. They're what my high school history teacher would have called, Good People. They're serious about treating their employees well, and you probably know how SAS feels about employee satisfaction. If you don't, I'll quote SAS CEO Jim Goodnight, who's been known to say, "If the employees are happy, they make the customers happy."

This clip here shows Chris working with his employees. Watch, or take a minute to read Chris' personal journal from the experience. If you believe, as Jim Goodnight does, that happy employees make happy customers, take a minute to consider the long-term effects that the employee experiences in that second clip will have on customer satisfaction.


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  1. I used the other day for the first time. An Acupuncturist I went to was so helpful to me and showed such dedication to her patients that I was moved to say thank you with flowers. They did a beautiful job. The flowers came within a couple of hours of my call, they were fresh, looked exactly like the picture I selected and made my acupuncturist very, very happy. So, thank you!

  2. I watched and enjoyed the Undercover Boss episode your are referring to and would agree that they are "good people" as you put it. The show has turned out to be a surprise hit for CBS. I hope they stay true to the show in the future

  3. I love Undercover Boss. It really gives you a good insight into the way different companies handle themselves. The McCann brothers were great. It goes to show that making sure your employees are happy is one of the most productive things you can do.

  4. Kim Johnson on

    Its a Great video. I like the way Chris presented the motive of this advertisement and Customer Strategies. Good Job

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