Lisa Dodson
Manager, Data Management – Americas Technology Practice (SAS)

Lisa is a recognized expert in the data management, data governance and data quality space within the organization. A 14-veteran of SAS, Lisa holds a master's degree in information quality and has affiliations with many data management/governance organizations. She is a former board member and president for the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ) and an organizing committee member for MITIQ's Industry Symposium. Lisa has experience as a systems engineer, product manager, technical trainer and solutions architect at SAS, where she’s developed a deep understanding of the SAS software architecture. In her current role she leads the Americas Data Management Practice.

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The celebrity of data: Taking data to the mainstream

[ce·leb·ri·ty], noun. the state of being well known Media exposure, good or bad, is the surest way to gain celebrity.  Just ask any child actor gone bad in Hollywood. They know. Lately data has been getting more than its fifteen minutes of fame. And good or bad, I think it’s awesome. We’re