Carol Newcomb
Carol Newcomb, SAS Information Management Consultant

Carol Newcomb has 25 years of experience in information management, particularly in the healthcare industry. She specializes in the design and implementation of data governance programs. Carol has worked with the Department of Education to design a long range data strategy and has designed data stewardship and broad organizational training materials to ensure ongoing program success. Prior to SAS, she held positions at The Joint Commission, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Henry Ford Health System, and UHC. She is the author of the SAS E-book “When Bad Data Happens to Good Companies” and has written numerous blogs and white papers, including “Implementing Data Governance in Complex Healthcare Organizations.”

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The burden of data governance: top 10 fallacies

One of the biggest impediments to (and failures of) a new data governance program is the perceived level of “extras” required. Let’s enumerate some of the concerns that I hear consistently from our clients: Extra people will be required to staff the implementation. Extra budget money will be needed to fund the