Happy 35th anniversary, Mount St. Helens

Mount St. Helens volcano here in the US had a big eruption 35 years ago this week! Do you know exactly where it is located? Perhaps this SAS map can help...

As you might have guessed, I'm a big fan of the awesome power of nature (hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, earthquakes, and ... volcanoes). I've never been to Mount St. Helens, but I did get to climb a somewhat active volcano named Arenal when I tagged along to Costa Rica with my friend Jennifer. Here's a picture:

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Dataset too big for PROC PRINT?

Gigantic Printout Shock

Gigantic Printout Shock

Dataset too big for PROC PRINT? One weird trick solves your problem!

proc print data=bigdata (obs=10);

The OBS= dataset option specifies the last observation to process from an input dataset. In the above example, regardless of dataset size, only the first 10 observations are printed; an easy way to take a quick peek at your data, or preview your PROC PRINT report.

The OBS= dataset option is also useful on the SET statement, to test your datastep on a small number of observations.

data test;
set bigdata (obs=10);
<datastep code>

Watch the SAS Training Post for more SAS tricks!

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A little fun with UFO sightings data

As a kid, I was always intrigued with UFO sightings and I guess I'm still a little that way ... therefore how could I not jump at the opportunity to explore some UFO sightings data!

I guess "UFO" doesn't necessarily imply that something is an alien space ship - just that it's "unidentified". And lately, with all the remote controlled drones, I'm wondering if they might be responsible for some of the UFO sightings? I guess my favorite drone-prank would be the flying reaper. Here's a picture of my friend David's drone (not sure if he's played any pranks yet).

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Creating your own customized graphs for SAS analytic procedures

In recent releases of SAS, you can use Output Delivery System graphics or 'ODS graphics on' to produce nice graphical output for most of the analytic procedures. These default graphs are nice, but when you want your graphs to look "a certain way" SAS also lets you create your own custom graphs!

To demonstrate, I looked through some of the SAS samples, and semi-randomly picked Example #1 for Proc MDS. If you run the example code, it uses ods graphics on and produces several default graphs. In this blog, I show you the default graphs, and then the customized versions I created using SAS/Graph...

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U.S. federal government is shrinking

I was surprised to find that the size of the U.S. federal government is smaller today, than in the past many decades - let's graph it out, so it's easy to analyze...

The way I got started on this little adventure was via Jishai's graph on dadaviz.com. Here's a snapshot of it:


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10 reasons to learn SAS code even when you have Enterprise Guide

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg made a new-year's resolution to learn code.

Apple’s Steve Jobs said, “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

President Barrack Obama said, "Don't just buy a new video game, make one. Don't just download an app, help design it. Don't just play on your phone, program it."

It’s worthwhile to note that these smart leaders and visionaries believe programming is the way to go. Specifically coding in SAS is one of the few disciplines taught today that virtually guarantees students a job upon completion.  Don’t take our word for it – read my blog on how to land a job as a SAS professional.

A student recently asked me why they should learn SAS code if they have SAS Enterprise Guide software. I reached out to our worldwide SAS instructor group for their top reasons. Collectively we came up with so many reasons to learn to code that it was worth a post.

Here are 10 reasons why you might want to learn to code in SAS. You will find this list useful even if you have SAS Enterprise Guide installed on your machine since Enterprise Guide (EG) has its own program editor window.

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SAS/GRAPH: Intermediate Tricks (a Handbook for the Wizard’s Apprentice)

Did you ever wish you could master SAS/GRAPH, and create graphs and maps that were customized exactly like you wanted them? Then this free eBook is for you!

Probably the most memorable book for me was the Necronomicon in the Army of Darkness movie. How many of you liked that old Bruce Campbell movie? I can only hope that my eBook will be as powerful & memorable as the book in that movie!

A couple of years ago, I wrote a free eBook called SAS/GRAPH: The Basics (see previous blog posts featuring the book). And now, after many customer requests, I've written another free eBook - SAS/GRAPH: Intermediate Tricks (a Handbook for the Wizard's Apprentice)! And as the title implies, this book delves into the trickier techniques (and teaches how to customize your graphs).

Here are some of the topics covered in the book:

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Become SAS certified at PharmaSUG and save 50% on the exam cost

cert2013_89x89If you’re one of the hundreds of SAS users registered for PharmaSUG, scheduled for May 17-20 in Orlando, you should give extending your stay some serious thought.  In just a few hours, you can set yourself apart with a professional certification from SAS!

SAS is offering something no theme park can match!  As a PharmaSUG attendee, you will receive an incredible 50% discount off the regular SAS certification exam fee of $180.  Exams will be administered from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at the conference hotel after the conclusion of the conference. To sign up for an exam, you must register directly with SAS by May 13.

The price of a discounted exam is only $90, the lowest price ever offered to PharmaSUG attendees. The discount is already applied at registration - no special codes needed. Seating is limited so don't delay!

How can you prepare for the exams?

Mark Stevens, who will be at PharmaSUG representing SAS certification, has some great tips in his blog, and he specifically recommends the Certification Prep Guide from SAS Publishing, and the SAS Certification e-Practice exams as two great study resources.

Simply register for an exam seat now and then select the specific exam you wish to take when you arrive for the exam. You may be particularly interested in the Clinical Trials Programming Using SAS 9 exam.

Don’t miss this special opportunity to maximize your time out of the office by taking a 50% discounted SAS certification exam after PharmaSUG 2015 concludes in Orlando.   Hurry – registration ends on May 13.

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Where do you e-learn SAS?

We’re celebrating the student in all of us and you’re invited.

Tweet us your best shot using #SASworldclass!

Our planet-friendly training is available worldwide, wherever you may be. Show us your interpretations of “the world is your classroom.” Riding a camel? Show us. Surfing – don’t forget your waterproofing! The photos we receive will be displayed in an album on our SAS Users Facebook page.

Want to add a little authenticity to your photo shoot?  Take advantage of our FREE e-Courses and downloadable software while you’re at it.

#SASworldclass – Be sure and tell us where in the world you are.

Oh, we ask that no harm comes to any data participating in your photo shoots!

For some inspiration, check out these photos of some of our SAS employees getting involved in the #SASworldclass challenge.

The Stat Wars Guys  - Rivals at Chess…comrades when it comes to the STAT 1 Free e-Course.  For now…


Our employees don't just exercise the body, but the mind too!



And that's our SAS blogger and social guru, @maggiemiller0. The pose is Warrior, but the free Programming1 e-course is OHMMMMM.



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More free SAS on Amazon!

Now that SAS' clever R&D developers have created SAS Studio (a DMS-like interface to SAS that runs in a web browser) "the sky's the limit" for deploying and accessing SAS software easily.

Last year, we made available a SAS image you could download and run in a virtual environment on your computer and then access through your web browser. And this year there's a new/simpler way where you don't even have to download and run SAS ... it runs on Amazon's servers, and all you need is your web browser!

To try out this new free version of  SAS University Edition (free for students, teachers, learners, and academic researchers), follow the directions in this Quick Start guide (note that you will need a credit card to sign up for the Amazon Web Services account). Once you've completed the first 3 steps, you can always start at Step 4 when you want to run it in the future. One small difference from the locally-installed version is that you have to login to SAS (using the 'sasdemo' account, and the secret password that Amazon will give you).

Here are a few screen-captures so you will recognize if you're on the right track!




After you get everything set up, the SAS Studio web interface will look just like it did with the locally-installed virtual image.



Once you've got your SAS Studio window, I invite you to try to copy/paste some of the SAS/STAT examples. For example, under the TTest Procedure section, the first example is "One Sample" and the code and output look like this in SAS Studio...




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