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SAS loves stats: Richard Zink

Richard Zink’s desire to win strategy board games like Axis and Allies and Fortress America in college got him started on the path to a career in statistics. “I wanted to better understand the rules of probability to make me a better player,” recalled Zink, a Principal Research Statistician Developer in

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SAS loves stats: Annie Dudley Zangi

Annie Dudley Zangi was applying statistical methods to her science projects in primary school before she even knew about statistics. It just came naturally to her, and so did the experiments she conducted at her father's strawberry farm before she learned about split-plot designs. Read this full profile to learn

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Semi-live blogging MWSUG, featuring Jon Weisz

I'm listening to Jon Weisz, marketing director for JMP, talk about data-driven story telling. He's explaining the differences between statistics and data visualization. Statistics are often used to confirm a hypothesis, he says. Data visualization is used for exploration. Jon's defining models as approximations: "We're attempting to experiment and determine

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