The Role of Data Management in Risk and Compliance

As a Data Management expert, I am increasingly being called upon to talk to risk and compliance teams about their specific and unique data management challenges. It’s no secret that high quality data has always been critical to effective risk management and SAS’ market leading Data Management capabilities have long […]

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Quality, governance and the trustworthiness of data

For the many years that I have been involved in the area of enterprise information management, I have seen organisations struggle with the issue of data quality over and over again. I have seen the IT departments struggling with the delivery of so called “Data Quality” projects, and I have […]

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Losing track of time

I recently got back from a trip overseas - one of the relative disadvantages of living in Australia is that everything's a long way away.  A long, long way away, especially when you're travelling with a two-year old.  I'm also a keen photographer and while it's a good problem to […]

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