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Skills needed for competitive advantage in analytics (hint, it's not just the math)

I'm a big believer in both/and thinking, so I'll stand squarely in the middle and say that the most important skills for competitive advantage in analytics include a combination of top-notch modeling abilities along with business acumen, critical thinking, and curiosity. I was intrigued by a blog post on this

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Next stop, graduate school?

Bob Rodriguez wants students to think about statistics in three important ways: as a skill, a tool and a profession. “Too many people think about statistics as a ‘bunch of numbers’,” said Rodriguez, Senior Director, Advanced Analytics in R&D and immediate past president of the American Statistical Association, speaking to

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The SAS Student Ambassadors are a select group of student researchers who have been recognized for using SAS technologies in innovative ways that benefit their respective industries and fields of study.  Recently, this extraordinary group of young researchers met and attended the SAS Global Forum Conference in Orlando and presented

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Let's go to PharmaSUG!

In my role, I get to meet lots of students with a variety of SAS skills  and career aspirations.  For those of you studying in fields associated with the pharmaceutical or healthcare industry, you definitely want to consider coming to the PharmaSUG 2012 conference.  You will learn how you can apply

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Is SAS visiting your campus?

The SAS Global Academic Program team may be coming to a campus near you!  One of the best things about being part of this team is getting to visit colleges and universities and hearing from the students and professors first hand. I just got back from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign