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SAS programmers: meet Twitter

"Twitter, thou art nought but data." So sayeth the SAS programmer. Many data analysts now recognize Twitter for what it is: a tremendous source of data covering almost any topic, from Justin Bieber's hair to political uprisings to technical conferences to company brands. SAS offers sophisticated solutions to harness this

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Ahead of the curve

I believe that we've "done" social media at SAS the right way. I know that because I can read this Dilbert cartoon (embedded here from dilbert.com) and actually laugh, and not cringe with shameful recognition.

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Yeah, I've got that problem too.

I just read about how Bill Gates has too many friends to keep up with on Facebook. Social networking is tough for social butterflies like Bill and myself. If only there was some sort of tool to help me sift through my friend data and help me categorize it.

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Twitter and SAS, together again

Last year I posted a method to "mine" Twitter tweets for public sentiment after the vice-presidential debate. Patrick McLeod (University of Texas) recently posted an article showing how he adapted the method to analyze a category of tweets with the #iranelection tag. You can do fancier tricks with SAS and