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Free Online Professional Development to Meet Teachers' Needs

The all-new online professional development offerings from Curriculum Pathways enable teachers to learn about new ideas and resources specific to their discipline areas and grade levels. Equally important, teachers focus on resources that model effective technology integration. This model fills a vital need identified by teachers, the National Schools Boards Association, the Center

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Teacher to Tech Transition

I've made many transitions thus far in my teaching career: from an adult grad-student to a first-year teacher; from working with eager and anxious freshman, who are enjoyably transparent, to aloof and stressed juniors, who feel the load of more responsibilities and begin seeing their futures as tangible outcomes. There was the

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Online Professional Learning–At No Cost!

Keeping up with the pace of technology innovation–while simultaneously planning resource integration in an online, blended, or traditional classroom–is really more than a full-time job. So why not earn renewal credits while you do it? Through our online professional-development course offerings, participants learn how SAS® Curriculum Pathways®  helps educators achieve academic goals

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South Carolina teacher evaluation system supporting professional growth

Today it is common knowledge that a classroom teacher is the single largest in-school influence on student academic growth[1].  So when South Carolina received ESEA flexibility in July, 2012, the State Department of Education immediately began an initiative empowering teachers to increase their own effectiveness. Known as the Educator Evaluation System

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