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Taking the big data dive with Hadoop

Demand for analytics is at an all-time high. Monster.com has rated SAS as the number one skill to have to increase your salary and Harvard Business Review continues to highlight why the data scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century.  It is clear that if you want to be

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Judgment calls & wake up calls

What's almost as good as being in sunny Orlando to hear your favorite business leaders speak in person? Watching them from the comfort of your own office chair, of course, but with the ability to still ask questions and participate in live polls, as if you were on site. You are

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More research from Harvard Business Review

There is something that 90% of us admit to doing, and the other 10% will lie about. That, of course, is Googling yourself. As an avid follower of myself, and everything I do, I look forward to a weekly Google Alert that tells me all about what I've been up to.