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Back to School: Spanish

Looking for ways to learn and review Spanish vocabulary for the new school year? Check out our new Spanish Vocabulary Series. Created for beginning-level students, these resources offer visuals and audio support as students enhance their Spanish vocabulary. And don't forget about our popular Spanish Video Library and Quick Tutorials!

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Medal with these Engaging Sports-themed Lessons

Tap into student interest in athletic competitions with these sports themed lessons. Creating and Annotating Maps Our Interactive Atlas (also available in Spanish) is a great tool for project-based learning. Using our map and annotation tools, students demonstrate mastery of content while engaging their research and writing skills. Consider the following sports related activities:

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Elementary Spotlight: Geography

Elementary students need an engaging tool to learn the basics, the physical and political geography of their school, their neighborhood, their town, their state, and the world. Our Interactive Atlas was designed specifically to build those skills and expand that knowledge base. From identifying basic knowledge—continents, oceans, countries, and capitals—to creating unique,