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Data, models and accountability: AI education for marketers

Developments in artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to change the world of work across the board. We have already witnessed the impact on marketing communication endeavours and strategies. The ripples spreading across the water include ethical issues and questions of accountability. I caught up with Anabel Gutiérrez, Senior Lecturer in

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Puntare sulla customer experience per fidelizzare i clienti

Una customer experience personalizzata in real-time è fattore trainante per le revenue. Per questo motivo, la maggior parte delle aziende sta cercando di raggiungere questo risultato. Fornire un’eccellente customer experience (CX) non è una novità assoluta; è sempre stata la base più affidabile del business. La vera novità è rappresentata

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Customers are no longer loyal to brands, but to the best customer experience they can get 

Conveying an individualized customer experience in real-time drives income today. Be that as it may, most organizations are attempting to get this right. As everybody knows, giving extraordinary customer experience (CX) is not an absolute novelty; it has dependably been the bedrock of business. What is new is that the

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First things first: Marketing needs data integration in order to benefit from AI

There is a huge amount of buzz and excitement about at the moment, all centering on the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to transform marketing.  For example, the EIU reports that executives were on board. Three quarters of those surveyed, were reported to be expecting AI to be used in their

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Why fact-based CMOs outperform their peers

At a time when ‘fake news’ has acquired its own presence on Wikipedia, it is worth reflecting a little on something more fundamental - the difference between facts and opinions. One of the most critical points to keep in mind when reviewing a plan, or a performance report, is to

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How customer intelligence can win hearts and minds

In today’s digital age, products have become increasingly commoditised, requiring organisations to shift their focus towards ensuring the customer experience becomes their biggest differentiator. Previously, the customer experience journey was a string of static, one-dimensional encounters. But now, thanks to big data and the resulting innovations it can provide, customer

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Analytical segmentation for data-driven marketing

Marketers have used segmentation as a technique to target customers for communications, products, and services since the introduction of  customer relationship management (i.e., CRM) and database marketing. Within the context of segmentation, there are a variety of applications, ranging from consumer demographics, geography, behavior, psychographics, events and cultural backgrounds. Over time, segmentation has proven its value,

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Translating predictive marketing analytics through visualization

Marketing analytics continues to explode with more data sources and fascinating predictive marketing approaches to solve important business problems, yet one challenge continues to bubble up. The ability to translate the technical math behind predictive analytics into easy-to-understand business language and visualization to help c-suite executives make data-driven decisions with

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Digital marketing, predictive analytics, and making personalization delicious

In anticipation of SAS Forum Portugal 2015, I wanted to kick off my first contribution to the SAS Customer Analytics Blogosphere sharing an interview I completed with Sofia Real on the topics of modern digital marketing, predictive analytics, optimization, and personalization. Does that sound like a nasty traffic jam you might want to avoid? Absolutely not,