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Programming Tips
Kim Wilson 9
Reasons to love PROC DS2

PROC DS2 (DS2) is a new SAS programming language that extends the power of the traditional DATA step. Some customers have wondered if this new functionality is simply the “DATA step on steroids,” meaning that we simply added more robust functionality so that it’s a replacement for the DATA step.

Programming Tips
Jerry Leonard 6
Creating Quantile Groups

SAS users often ask me about the best way to group or bin their data in preparation for additional analysis. Depending on the need, there are several ways to achieve this using SAS procedures or other SAS processing. Creating user-defined formats with PROC FORMAT or using Data step processing are

Kathryn McLawhorn 17
Customizing output from PROC MEANS

Customizing the output data set created using the OUTPUT statement When you request statistics on the PROC MEANS statement, the default printed output creates a nice table with the analysis variable names in the left-most column and the statistics forming the additional columns.  Even if you create an output data

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