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When I started programming in SAS, I struggled to find the best resource to help me learn. User manuals were dense and hard to read. Videos were helpful but did not provide syntax and explanations I could refer back to. I relied heavily on Google, but it always took time to find the right article or blog post, and I would have to find that web page again the next time I needed to use that code or function.

I cataloged my journey through various scattered web bookmarks and an unformatted, ever-growing Word document saved to my desktop with random code snippets and explanations. As I continued my coding journey, I relied heavily on this haphazard reference guide, often using keyword searches to find the piece of code I needed.

I programmed like this for 8 years before a friend reached out to me for tips on how to start coding with SAS. I opened my makeshift guide, and as I stared bewildered at the unorganized wall of text, I realized that it was completely unhelpful to anyone but me. I decided that the best path forward was to completely overhaul my document, organizing the information by topic, explaining common business problems and how to solve them using SAS, detailing common pitfalls to avoid, and providing example code.

The document became the story of my SAS journey, which is still close to the beginning, and all the struggles and pitfalls I have encountered along the way. The result was The Simple Guide to SAS: From Null to Novice, which helps new coders quickly learn the basics.

I realized that if I had organized all of my code snippets and examples like this when I first started coding, it would have saved me a lot of time and frustration. So, I made a Code Snippet Organizer that is based on the book and available for download for free. It is a living, breathing document designed to help coders stay organized and to grow with them along their SAS journey.

In the appropriate sections, add your own thoughts, experiences and code snippets relevant to your work. Then you can use the table of contents to quickly find the section with the needed code snippet. Simply paste the snippet into your SAS code editor and update the code to reflect the relevant data set and variables.

While The Simple Guide to SAS: From Null to Novice is for new coders, the companion Code Snippet Organizer is helpful for all coders, green or veteran. See for yourself! Hit the button below, sign in with the email associated with your SAS Profile (or create a profile for free) and download the Microsoft Word version by clicking on “”.

DOWNLOAD NOW | The Simple Guide to SAS: Code Snippet Organizer

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Kirby Thomas

Technical Communicator

Kirby Thomas is a Technical Communicator at SAS who enjoys taking complex concepts and breaking them down into easy-to-understand steps. She has a Ph.D. in Sociology from Florida State University, where her research focused on why women are less likely than men to major and persist in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Her passion for creating more accessible and equitable learning environments was cultivated in her job at the Florida Department of Education and continues to motivate her work every day. She has over 9 years of experience programming in SAS and is excited to share her lessons learned with new programmers so that they can feel empowered to dive into coding without the hindrance of perfection paralysis.

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