How many people does it take to publish a book?


The next time you pick up a book, you might want to pause and think about the work that has gone into producing it – and not just from the authors!

The authors of the SAS classic, The Little SAS Book, Sixth Edition, did just that. The Acknowledgement section in the front of a book is usually short – just a few lines to thank family and significant others. In their sixth edition, authors Lora D. Delwiche and Susan J. Slaughter, took it to the next level and produced The Little SAS Book Family Tree. The authors explained:

“Over the years, many people have helped to make this book a reality. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed both to this edition, and to editions in the past. It takes a family to produce a book including reviewers, copyeditors, designers, publishing specialists, marketing specialists, and of course our editors.”

So what happens after you sign a book contract?

First you will be assigned a development editor (DE) who will answer questions and be with you every step of the way – from writing your sample chapter to publication. Your DE will discuss schedules and milestones as well as give you an authoring template, style guidelines, and any software you need to write your book.

Once you have all the resources you need, you'll write your sample chapter. This will help your DE evaluate your writing style, quality of graphics and output, structure, and any potential production issues.

The next step is submitting a draft manuscript for technical review. You'll get feedback from internal and external subject-matter experts, and then you can revise the manuscript based on this feedback. When you and your editor are satisfied with the technical content, your DE will perform a substantive edit on your manuscript, taking particular care with the structure and flow of your writing.

Once in production, your manuscript will be copy edited, and a production specialist will lay out the pages and make sure everything looks good. A graphic designer will work with you to create a cover that encompasses both our branding and your suggestions. Your book will be published in print and e-book versions and made ready for sale.

Finally, after the book is published, a marketing specialist will start promoting your book through our social media channels and other campaigns.

So the next time you pick up a book, spare a thought for the many people who have worked to make it a reality!

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Sian is currently Publisher at SAS Press. She has over 20 years of publishing and marketing experience in technology and holds a BEng in Electronic Engineering from Brunel University, London, UK, and a MSc in Cognitive Science & Intelligent Computing from the University of Westminster, London, UK. When Sian is not busily leading SAS Press, she is a devoted soccer/baseball mom to her two boys and walking Chuck, the family chocolate lab.

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