Happy Customer Experience Day!


On behalf of the entire global Customer Contact Center, “Happy CX Day!” to all our SAS users!

Customer Experience Day (aka #CXDay2019) is one of our favorite days of the year—when we can reflect on customer interactions, questions and feedback from the past year—and look to the year ahead for ways to enhance our customers’ experience, like expanding our support options and helping drive improvements to our website and self-service offerings.

Plus, it gives us another excuse to celebrate all of our wonderful SAS users and partners! Whoohoo!

The opportunity to join our users on their journeys with SAS—from acquiring SAS, to learning, updating and renewing it, to attending SAS events, and beyond---is one of our favorite aspects of our jobs!

To show our appreciation, we want to share a little love.



….they are curious and passionate, and ask great questions that help us learn something new each day! - Mary

…they are passionate and dedicated to learning SAS! I love how users are always willing to help with new users’ questions in our SAS Communities groups! - Antionen

…they’re using SAS in such innovative and amazing ways to help make the world a better place. - Tricia

… we get satisfaction by providing the answers to tough questions. It makes our jobs worthwhile knowing that we have added personal value to anyone who has reached out to SAS. - Lida

...by caring for people, we’re a part of making the unimaginable possible. - Keila

…of the exciting ways they’re applying SAS to change lives – from new advancements in cancer research, clinical trials and drug testing, learning about species and ecosystems in efforts to protect endangered species and biodiversity, to impacting young lives by using advanced analytics to measure, as well as impact, student progress in K-12. - Lisa

Not familiar with the Customer Contact Center? We’re the folks who answer your SAS inquiries and point you in the right direction to get the help you need. Well, that’s part of what we do! We don’t just answer questions, we’re also listening to you and looking at ways to make things easier to navigate, simpler to find, and faster to share.

Get to know us better! Fun facts about our team:

  • We’re located in four SAS offices:
  • Collectively, our team speaks and supports 17 languages
  • …and supports nearly 100 countries
  • Some engagement professionals on our team speak more than three languages
  • We collaborate with just about every team at SAS
  • In 2018, we received over 113,000 inquiries worldwide
  • ~55% of SAS customers choose live chat as their communication channel
  • So far this year, we’ve received over 80,000 inquiries from around the world
  • The two most common SAS topics we’re asked about are SAS Training and Analytics U options

If you need any help, want to share feedback, or simply want to talk SAS, please reach out to us!

You can chat with us live on the SAS website, tweet us @SAS_Cares, or contact us via phone, email, or web form.

Want to collaborate with other SAS users? Search for answers or post questions in the SAS Support Communities. This is a great resource for your usage questions! If you're new to SAS, consider frequenting the New SAS User Community, where friendly, knowledgeable volunteers like KurtBremser are eager to help.

Wishing you a fabulous CX Day!


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Tricia Jenkins

Tricia is a Business Operations Specialist at SAS Software. In her current role, she has the opportunity to interact with SAS users across the globe on a daily basis through a variety of channels, including social media—140 characters may not sound like much, but they sure keep this girl busy!

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