What are you willing to do to get to SAS Global Forum?


Let’s have some fun, shall we? Share your video or photo!

The SAS User Community, albeit spread around the world, is a tight-knit group. We may sit alone in our offices pounding out code, developing applications, tweaking system performance or creating reports,  but the truth is other SAS users (our colleagues at work, in online communities, and at local user group meetings), are always there to assist us, and to socialize with from time to time. We rely on our fellow SAS Users for support and companionship, as well as a resource for new ideas and techniques. Then, once each year, we join users on a global scale by gathering for a few days at SAS Global Forum.

The opportunity to strengthen and extend our bonds with other SAS Users makes SASGF a much sought-after event. We will go to great lengths to attend; by demonstrating value to our employer to secure permission, presenting content to receive a registration discount, applying for an award or scholarship, volunteering as a presenter or room coordinator, joining the Conference Team, or even becoming Conference Chair!

What might these efforts look like if we were to record metaphors for them? What I mean is, how would you represent your effort?

For example, here is a photo of two determined SAS Users negotiating a portage on Lady Evelyn River (Ontario, Canada) on their way to SAS Global Forum.

These two must really understand the value of attending!


What are you willing to do to get to SAS Global Forum?!

Share your videos and photos that represent your efforts to get to SASGF in Orlando. We’ll have some fun seeing how our fellow SAS Users spend their non-SAS-coding time. I’m looking forward to seeing new faces and new places.

Simply follow @SASsoftware on Twitter and Instagram, then post your video, photo or .gif. Make sure you tag your post with the #GetToSASGF and @SASsoftware. 

Share more than one, encourage your fellow SAS Users to play along. And check back often to see what your peers have shared.

Who knows, you may even see your picture or video on the Big Screen at SASGF 2017!



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John Amrhein

SAS Global Forum 2017 Conference Chair

John has advanced from a front-line statistician through increasing levels of responsibility to his current position as vice president of a three decades-old statistical consulting firm. In each position, he has made a positive impact on the organization and its customers' business processes by providing evidence-based decision. John combines innovative predictive analytics from the financial and retail sectors with the disciplined quality-driven procedures of the drug development lifecycle. Additionally, he challenges clients to adopt advanced analytical methods via presentations, publications, training and client relations with executive decision-makers.

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