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SASGF2017_globeEditor's note: This blog includes the Call For Content Announcement and Frequently Asked Questions.

SAS Global Forum is the premier event for SAS users to learn, teach, and network with each other and SAS experts. SAS Global Forum 2017 takes place April 2-5 in Orlando, Florida, where you can join more than 5,000 SAS users from nearly every country imaginable. Although SAS Global Forum 2017 is several months away, the first milestone is upon us: our Call for Content!

By October 3, 2016, submit a topic of interest that SAS users like yourself will want to learn about. Maybe you have a new idea, technique or best practice you want to share. Perhaps you just figured out something cool or unique you can do in SAS. Submit it! It might just be the perfect solution to a question a fellow user has wrestled with for years. The continuing success of SAS Global Forum is due to users like you sharing their great ideas. The User Program at SAS Global Forum 2017, like Forums previous, will remain true to the program’s promise of being wholly designed and executed by SAS users, for SAS users.

Special Appeal to International Users

The organizing team for SAS Global Forum 2017 is comprised of SAS users from five countries across four continents. Invited and keynote speakers will arrive from 9 countries, and additional special efforts are underway to emphasize the “Global” in SAS Global Forum. So, I appeal to our international user base to submit an abstract for consideration. Users from around the world bring unique perspectives and innovative ideas that strengthen the conference content for everyone.

What happens to your submission?

To ensure that the very best content is delivered for our users, submissions are reviewed by a team of SAS peers who are experts in the topic area they’re reviewing. Once reviewed, they pass the submissions, along with their feedback, to the Content Advisory Team, which comprises half of the conference team. This group ultimately determines which abstracts are accepted. This review process ensures that conference content resonates with users and brings value to their organizations and the user community at large.

Last year’s chair, Jennifer Waller, wrote a great blog offering advice for submitting your presentation for consideration. It’s entitled Presenting at SAS Global Forum – Is my idea good enough? I’d encourage you to read it, but I’ll close by summarizing it for you here: “Go for it!”

Still worried about submitting? Don’t be! If you would like to receive advice and help from an experienced attendee and SAS expert, sign up for a Mentor. Our mentors can guide you with choosing a topic, writing and abstract, and delivery of your message in a professional and captivating style. Sign up.

A service to the SAS community

SAS users really are a community. Our great diversity ensues from users at more than 80,000 sites in every industry around the world. There’s no problem too large or too complex that we can’t solve together. My favorite part of the conference is sitting in on user presentations and learning about the unique or creative ways they’re using SAS to solve their organization’s problems. I never leave a session without at least one piece of helpful information I can apply to my work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Types of Papers & Posters

You can submit multiple proposals for a session, but three is the maximum number of times you can present.

Breakout Session

These sessions are 20 or 50 minutes long and provide insights on the in-depth aspects of SAS® software, including programming techniques, technical features, and innovative and practical applications. They can also be strategies and best practices about how to apply SAS to solve industry-specific challenges.

Hands-On Workshop

The name says it all. Attendees get real hands-on experience through a demonstration that you direct for 45 minutes. Hands-On Workshops (also known as HOW) are intended to help attendees learn how to use the features of SAS® or JMP®. A workshop requires focus and a delicate blend of lecture and exercises.

Quick Tip

This session is perfect for beginners and experts alike to share quick tips and tricks, and useful nuggets of programming techniques that make jobs easier. A Quick Tip session should last 10 minutes or less and cover one concept in a concise and practical way.


Do you have a great solution to a problem but you’re more comfortable presenting your ideas one-on-one than to a crowd? Are you a first-time presenter? E-poster presentations offer the perfect opportunity to present your solution or idea in a more relaxed environment and in a visually informative way. A greener alternative to traditional posters, e-posters allow you to transport digital posters in your pocket.

Topics for this session type could include basic SAS® coding efficiencies, statistical graphics or the latest enterprise business intelligence tools. E-posters will be displayed throughout the conference.

Table Talk

These interactive sessions can be up to 50 minutes in length and are facilitated by one lead user in an informal, small-group conversational setting of up to 20 people. These sessions will not require a formal paper to be submitted. A limited number of these sessions will be selected, and each may be offered multiple times. Presentation materials can include handouts, flip charts, tablets, whiteboards and/or graphics.

Topics for this session could include:

•          Selling SAS® value to management.

•          Utilizing social media for career advancement.

•          Best practices and methodologies.

•          Storytelling using data and analytics.

•          Improving communications skills.

•          Finding analytical talent.

Learn More

How to submit a paper?

You may submit content on our event website.

Content submissions can be made for Contributed Papers, Invited Papers, and SAS Papers. All submissions are submitted through the online Call for Content system.

How (and when) are papers selected?

A team of content experts review and select papers. Each contributed submission, which should contain an abstract and a title, is judged on the quality of the idea and the writing. Submission evaluations are based on the abstract and any supporting materials provided.  Leaders will make final decisions after receiving all submissions. Submitters will be notified of their acceptance or declines by late November 2016.

If your submission is accepted, the abstract is considered final and will be edited so trademarks will be properly acknowledged when your abstract is published in conference materials. The 1500 character abstract should include the SAS software mentioned in your presentation and any operating systems to which your paper is limited. Any significant changes to the abstract and topics covered are subject to the approval of the conference leaders.

If I present an e-Poster, do I need to write a paper associated with the poster as well?

No. An abstract and detailed outline are required to submit, but a final paper is not required with your e-Poster. A final paper can be provided in addition to the e-Poster but this is optional.

If I submit a contributed paper and it is accepted, when will I receive confirmation of its acceptance?

Final decisions will be made after all submissions are received. The section chairs will notify authors by late November 2016.

If my paper is selected, when is my final version due?

If accepted, the final PDF version of your paper will be due on or before March 2, 2017, for inclusion in the SAS Global Forum 2017 Proceedings. You will be required to submit a signed copyright grant.

If my paper is selected, do I receive a discount for the conference?

Yes, the primary accepted presenter receives a 25% discount off their conference registration.

What do I do after my paper is accepted?

All accepted presenters will have access to the Presenter Resource Center (PRC). The PRC offers a list of tasks and deadlines to be completed by each presenter before the conference. You will receive an email invitation to the PRC when accepted.

Are all papers automatically accepted?

No, the conference chair has final approval over all papers. A well-developed working draft will assist the section chairs in identifying the papers and topics of interest to the attendees of SAS Global Forum 2017.

How long can my paper be?


The final version of your contributed paper should be no more than 10-12 publishable pages, including any charts, figures, source code and so on. You will have 20 minutes to present your paper. (The Quick Tips and Poster sections are exceptions due to the format.)


If you have been invited to present a paper, the final version should be no more than 20 to 25 publishable pages. You will have 50 minutes to present your paper.

Is my attendance required at the conference if my paper is accepted?

Yes, at least one author is required to attend and present at the conference.

What if I have a question about the paper submission process?

You should email

What if I have questions about the conference in general?

You can find all of the details about the conference at including contact information.

For some guidance with writing your abstract and title, you may consider entering the SAS Global Forum Presenter Mentoring Program found here.


About Author

John Amrhein

SAS Global Forum 2017 Conference Chair

John has advanced from a front-line statistician through increasing levels of responsibility to his current position as vice president of a three decades-old statistical consulting firm. In each position, he has made a positive impact on the organization and its customers' business processes by providing evidence-based decision. John combines innovative predictive analytics from the financial and retail sectors with the disciplined quality-driven procedures of the drug development lifecycle. Additionally, he challenges clients to adopt advanced analytical methods via presentations, publications, training and client relations with executive decision-makers.


  1. Thanks for the plug for my blog Michelle 🙂 I found the mentoring service to be really useful and also helped me make friends over the years. For example, I really wouldn't have thought i'd ever have met and talked to Art Carpenter, but now we catch up at the Global Forums.

  2. Andrew Kuligowski on

    I have had the honor of presenting at this conference for a number of years now. Not only do I enjoy passing along what I've learned, BUT the validation / research I do before committing thoughts to "paper" (to "screen"?) for the final draft further enhances my own knowledge of the topic.

  3. Kathy Council on

    I encourage everyone to think about how you are using SAS to do your job and how that might be of help to other users. Stories about using SAS are great. You would not believe some of the ways SAS is being used. Go for it!

  4. My pleasure John. There are so many wonderful experiences in attending and presenting at SAS Global Forum and as you say it is the premier event for SAS users. Looking forward to seeing you in person soon! 🙂

  5. Thank you for the link to David's blog Michelle; its a great read. We have mentors waiting to help. I plan to be become one myself after SASGF 2017. The experience is as rewarding for mentors as for mentees.

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