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CommunitiesIf you install, update, manage or maintain a SAS deployment, you're a SAS administrator, and a very valuable resource for your organization. Every day, SAS users at your company depend on you to do their job. Being a SAS administrator is a critical and rewarding role, but it can sometimes be a lonely one as well. While there might be hundreds or even thousands of SAS users at an organization, there is usually only one administrator. Luckily, SAS provides a number of resources through our support site. And, there's another great resource only a click away: the Administration and Deployment Support Community.

Part of SAS Support Communities, the Administration and Deployment Community provides peer-to-peer support for administrators and a forum for posing questions, sharing best practices and tips, and discussing deployment issues. With hundreds of SAS experts and employees on the community at any given time, you can pretty much rest assured your question will get answered in a timely manner.

In addition to the thousands of posts and hundreds of active discussions, the SAS administrator community also includes a number of additional resources for administrators. These include a Tip of the Week (this week's tip: Extending and Automating Capabilities in SAS Environment Manager’s Service Architecture Framework); a Community Library, which archives helpful discussions and spotlights articles related to administering and deploying SAS; and a blog series featuring administration experts sharing tips and new techniques. The site also highlight events and presentations designed exclusively for SAS administrators. (A good example is the popular Ask the Expert series, which offers regular presentations from SAS experts. This month's live presentation, Introduction to SAS Administration Tasks in 9.4is scheduled for January 15, and every presentation can be viewed on-demand.)

SUGAAnd the administration community is still being shaped by our community members. For example, the community supports a newly developed SAS Users Group for Administrators (SUGA) designed to bring together SAS administrators from all over the world for virtual meetings. The first is scheduled for January 27, 2016 from 10-11AM EDT.  The live WebEx session includes presentations on SAS Performance Monitoring and Tuning (Andrew Gadsby, Customer Loyalty Team, SAS UK and Ireland) and Ensuring Your SAS Infrastructure is Configured Correctly (Margaret Crevar, Manager, SAS R&D Performance Lab).

So if you're a SAS administrator, valuable resources are just a click away. The SAS administration support communities provides a valuable forum  where you can ask questions of your SAS peers, share your knowledge and experience by answering someone else's question, and learn so much more about resources available to make your job easier.


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