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SmallGraphicSAS Global Users Group and SAS have a history of giving back to the community where the conference is held.  We think giving back is important.  Conference attendees have played a big part in contributing to this effort   every year.  Over the years, the opportunities where attendees have been able to contribute have included such activities as a STEM related Book Drive and a Networking Charity Event where bikes and wagons were built.  Last year, a new way to contribute was offered: Giving Tuesday. This year, we are sharing this opportunity with attendees again.

Giving Tuesday will occur on December 1, 2015, a global day dedicated to giving back. I hope that each of you considers participating in some way, shape or form. It can be as simple as giving a donation to a charity you are passionate about or spending time in service to your community.

SAS Global Forum 2016 is participating in Giving Tuesday as well, and we want to partner with you. How? Simple. You register for the conference at a 15% discounted rate between December 1st and December 18th. SAS Global Forum Users Group then donates 5% of your registration fee to purchase STEM related books, games and materials to be used during a Networking Charity Event on Monday evening, April 18th, at the conference. And there's more. If you sign up for already discounted certification or post-conference training during registration, SAS will also donate 5% of the training revenue. These books, games and materials will then be donated to daycares, schools, after school programs, or shelters in the Las Vegas community.

Who benefits? Everyone! The girls and boys of the Las Vegas community benefit because they will get to use the STEM books, games and materials purchased with the money raised. You benefit because you get a discounted registration rate and you get to attend a great conference with great educational content. Your employer benefits because you get a discounted registration rate and you get to bring back what you learned to the workplace and apply it. SAS Global Forum benefits because we get to partner with our attendees in giving back to Las Vegas. Plus, we all get that warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing we made a difference.

Thanks for being a part of it,

2016 SAS Global Forum Conference Chair


About Author

Jennifer Waller

2016 SAS Global Forum Conference Chair

Jennifer Waller obtained a PhD in Biostatistics from the School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina in 1994. She is a Professor and Director of the Research Support Center in the Division of Biostatistics & Data Science, Department of Population Health Sciences at Augusta University where she has worked since 1997 teaching, consulting and doing collaborative research. Jennifer has presented at SESUG and SAS Global Forum for a number of years and served on the Executive Council for SESUG from 2007-2013 and the Executive Board for SAS Global Users Group since 2013. She was the Conference Co-Chair for SESUG in 2008 and the Conference Chair for SAS Global Forum 2016. She has used SAS since 1989.


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