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IMG_1696SAS Global Forum provides a perfect opportunity for SAS users group leaders from across the country to meet in-person to share best practices and new ideas.

This year’s SAS users group leaders link-up event was led by Melissa Perez – the new users group programs manager at SAS. She talked about her new team and how they are dedicated to coming up with better ways to provide resources and support to users group leaders.

Perez also led a discussion with two special leaders - Elizabeth Axelrod, President, Boston Area SAS Users Group and Joseph “Joe” Guido, Chair, Genesee Valley SAS Users Group (Greater Rochester, NY area). These leaders were chosen to speak because they are doing unique things to get users group members engaged in their respective areas.

Axelrod explained that she’s been fortunate enough to find a great meeting space at no cost. She also includes special SAS training at each of her events so attendees can get pick up some new tips and tricks.

Guido takes a social approach to his meetings. “They are not just standard meetings,” said Guido. He has something called “SAS in suds” where members go to a local pub to continue their networking after the users group meetings. They also hold picnics and other socials events throughout the year.

“We’re always trying different things,” said Guido. And that was the biggest take away from both Axelrod and Guido – be unique.

Perez ended the link up by announcing some big news – the creation of a private users group leader’s community group on “We want you to be able to connect and get the support from SAS, but we also want you to be able to connect with each other.”

If you’re a 2015 registered SAS users group leader or member of a committee in your area, look out for an email from Perez very soon for your invite into the community. You can also send an email to to be added to the email list if you are a registered users group leader.


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