SAS Global Forum 2015: SAS programming for newer technologies


Many experienced and novice SAS programmers take advantage of the power of a “language within a language” offered by PROC SQL, SAS/IML and the SAS Macro Facility. But how many of you are aware of recently added languages and techniques? These newer tools are designed to help SAS programmers leverage virtualization, parallel processing and related technologies.

Here’s a sampling of the presentations, workshops and Super Demos offered at SAS Global Forum 2015. You won’t want to miss these if you’re looking for ways to add more programming techniques to your toolkit!

DS2 – DS2 enables parallel processing and storage of large data with reusable methods and packages.

2523 - DS2 with Both Hands on the Wheel

2680 - Object Oriented Program Design in DS2

2522 - I Object: SAS® Does Objects with DS2

SASSD4539 - DS2 MERGE Statement with Code Accelerator

SAS4060 - DS2 Programming Essentials (LWDS2E)

SAS4061 - SAS® and Hadoop (DIACCHAD)

SAS Federation Server and PROC FEDSQL-- SAS Federation Server provides big data virtualization access to sources such as Hadoop, Netezza and SAP HANA. Federated Query Language, or FEDSQL, is a vendor-independent language that provides a common SQL syntax to communicate across multiple relational databases without having to worry about vendor-specific SQL syntax.

3390 - Working with PROC FEDSQL in SAS® 9.4

SAS1812 -  Hey! SAS® Federation Server Is Virtualizing ‘Big Data’!

SAS2204 -  Introducing SAS® Federation Server

SASSD4531 - Data Virtualization Can Make Your Data Appear the Way You Want

Grid -- Being able to split SAS processing over multiple SAS processers is the key to getting the most from your grid-enabled environment. You’ll want to know which SAS methods make this task easier.

SAS1935 - Divide and Conquer—Writing Parallel SAS® Code to Speed Up Your SAS Program

SAS2602 - Getting Started with Enabling Your End-User Applications to Use SAS® Grid Manager 9.4

And more  - REST is being used across the industry for designing networked applications to provide lightweight and powerful web services. The Lua programming language can simplify some of your SAS coding tasks.

SAS1561 - Driving SAS® with Lua

SAS1927 - REST At Ease with SAS®: How to Use SAS to Get Your REST

SASSD4538 - Using Lua in SAS

Did I miss your favorite new technology from SAS?  Comment below and I’ll see what might be available for you in Dallas.


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