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Editor's note (1/13/16): This post has been updated with full paper presentations from SAS Global Forum 2015. Enjoy!

This year, the number of presentations, Super Demos and workshops to help with the administration of SAS software and its hardware infrastructure is growing at SAS Global Forum 2015.  This is wonderful news to the SAS Administrators coming to the conference.

These presentations start on Sunday with a 3.5 hour workshop offered by Greg Nelson of Thotwave  “SAS Administration: Understanding SAS Enterprise Architecture”.

SAS staff will be presenting on a variety of administration topics. Here is a sampling of topics of interest during the conference:

SAS1761 -  Proven Practices for Managing the Enterprise Administrators of a SAS Software Deployment

SAS1857 -  Hands-Off SAS Administration – Using Batch Tools to Make Your Life Easier

SAS1682 -  A Practical Approach to Managing a Multi-Tenant SAS Intelligence Platform Deployment

SAS1501 -  Best Practices for Configuring your IO Subsystem for SAS®9 Applications

SAS1500 - Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Storage Configurations

SAS1955 -Latest and Greatest: Best Practices for Migrating to SAS 9.4

SAS1520 - Operations Integration, Audits, and Performance Analysis: Getting the Most Out of SAS Environment Manager

SAS1904 - Your Top Ten SAS Middle-Tier Questions

SAS1897 - Planning for the Worst – SAS Grid Manager and Disaster Recovery

SAS1968 - The Truth Behind the Most Common Myths for SAS Grid Manager

SAS1779 - Row-level Security and SAS Visual Analytics

For a complete list of presentations, please visit SAS Global Forum Connect, filter on session topic area “Administration” or job role “SAS Administrator” or use the keyword search to find topics that you are interested in.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference and to listening to your needs.


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