SAS macro errors: the answers you’re looking for


Have you ever received an error or warning in SAS macro and did not know what to do next or even where to look?  Now there is an answer! And debugging your SAS macros just got easier.

All macro errors and warnings are now documented in the SAS 9.4 Macro Language Reference, Third Edition. You can find them here:

Each error or warning entry begins with the text of the message followed by a two-colum table that lists each possible cause and a suggested solution for each cause. Here are samples from each section of the appendix that illustrate how the information is presented.

Let us know if this new feature in the SAS Macro Facility documentation helps you to investigate your own possible cause and solution for any macro error you may be encountering.

Sample SAS macro error message

Sample of SAS macro error causes and solutions

Sample SAS macro warning message

SAS macro warning message with cause and solutons


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Russ Tyndall

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Russ Tyndall is a Senior Principal Technical Support Analyst in the Foundation SAS group in Technical Support. He has been a SAS user since 1993, and provides general support for the DATA step and Base procedures. He specializes in the SAS macro facility and has been the primary support for more than 18 years .


  1. Peter Lancashire on

    Well done!

    I asked for this some time ago as a feature request. Now all that is needed is to document all the other error messages with which the PROCS puzzle us. Then SAS will have caught up with what has been best practice in quality software for decades.

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