Transitioning to 64-bit SAS on Windows


The major benefit of 64-bit applications is that they no longer have the memory limitation imposed by their 32-bit predecessors. This is why many SAS customers are making the transition from 32-bit SAS to 64-bit SAS. The move to 64-bit SAS can be daunting at first sight. There are many questions which quickly come to mind:

  • What are the benefits of 64-bit?
  • Will my existing 32-bit data work with 64-bit SAS?
  • What problems might I encounter?

Here are some resources which might answer your questions and ease your transition:

Making the decision: benefits of 64-bit

About the data

Microsoft Office Data (PC Files Server for SAS 9.3 and SAS 9.4)

Potential problems


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Casey Thompson

Manager, Technical Support

Casey Thompson has worked at SAS since 1997, all within Technical Support. He worked as a Technical Support Analyst for 10 years supporting SAS on the Windows operating systems and specializing in Enterprise Guide. Casey now manages the Windows Business Intelligence team which supports deployment, performance, Enterprise Guide and Windows related issues.

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