SAS administrators--what's on your bookshelf?


I spend a lot of time on looking for resources to share.  The SAS Programmer’s Bookshelf is a handy reference that’s been around for a while, so I asked “Why not a SAS Administrator’s Bookshelf?”

What would you include?

It’s complicated, of course, because the SAS administrator’s role covers a myriad of tasks. Throw into that mix, the fact that many individual software products have their own administration requirements, and you have quite a long list.

About a year ago, I published a post on SAS administrator connections and resources, and all this research made me realize it might be time to update that post with a few new items (noted with *).

Installation and configuration

You’ll find most of the information necessary to accomplish your tasks on these

Training and webinars

These  SAS Talks archives are available on demand.

And, of course, don't forget training and certification:

Documentation and technical papers

The list of product documentation under SAS Intelligence Platform administration is a great start on the SAS Administrator’s Bookshelf, don’t you think?

Many of these papers are updated as new information is available, so check occasionally if you’ve used these resources:

Connections through social media

There are several great options!

I’m sure I’ve missed your favorite!  Please share by commenting below.


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  1. A lot is missing in this as it mentions only what SAS knows.
    As important as that is what does SAS not know, but is part of regulations business policies etc....

    Going into related OS docs for scripting and configuration.
    The backgrounds on what regulators have described and what is within then business policy
    Questions from riskmanagers and auditors forcing you into their world with all kinds of technical monitoring and security procedures (SIEM hardening).
    As with release management (infra and business apart) procedures and version management.
    At least the hints to find some of those external resources should be mentioned somewhere.

    • Christina Harvey
      Christina Harvey on

      Jaap . . .
      You're right about the volume of collateral information needed in addition to what SAS provides. Thanks for your suggestions.


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