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It was wonderful to see and talk with so many SAS Administrators at SAS Global Forum this year. If you’re like me, you may have finished the conference wondering why it wasn’t possible to be two places at once because there was so much terrific content that it was impossible to see it all.

I haven’t yet figured out how to be two places at once, but I have compiled a list of some of the great SAS Global Forum 2014 papers that are especially relevant for SAS Admins. Based on conversations with many of you and with the questions we received during the SAS Administrators Panel Discussion, I recommend the following list:

General Administration Topics

A Guide to SAS® for the IT Organization

SAS® Installations: So you want to install SAS?

Top 10 Resources Every SAS® Administrator Should Know About

SAS® in the Enterprise.a Primer on SAS® Architecture for IT

Tips and Tricks for Organizing and Administering Metadata

SAS® Admins Need a Dashboard, Too

The Latest Tuning Guidelines for Your Hardware Infrastructure

Migration, “Modernization” and Moving to 9.4

Helpful Hints for Transitioning to SAS® 9.4

The Top Five Things You Need to Know about Migration

SAS® 9.4 Web Application Performance: Monitoring, Tuning, Scaling, and Troubleshooting

SAS Grid Manager

SAS Grid--What They Didn't Tell You

A Case Study: Performance Analysis and Optimization of SAS® Grid Computing Scaling on a Shared Storage

SAS Grid Manager, SAS Visual Analytics, and SAS High-Performance Analytics:  Sharing Hardware and More  

SAS Grid Manager I/O:  Optimizing SAS Application Data Availability for the Grid

Best Practices for Implementing High Availability for SAS 9.4

If you have a favorite paper that’s not on this list, please leave a comment below.


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Margaret Crevar

Manager, SAS R&D Performance Lab

Margaret Crevar has worked at SAS since May 1982. She has held a variety of positions since then, working in sales, marketing and now research and development. In her current role, Crevar manages the SAS Performance Lab in R&D. This lab has two roles: testing future SAS releases while they're still in development to make sure they're performing as expected; and helping SAS customers who are experiencing performance issues overcome their challenges.


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  3. Thank you Margaret for the mention: SAS® Installations: So you want to install SAS?. You indeed have honored me and the icing on the cake personally for me is that it is by you! Thank you!

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