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You’d think life would be calmer after the high energy of SAS Global Forum. Not so here at SAS! Your feedback is THE most crucial element of the conference for SAS teams, and we’ll be spending the next few weeks digesting it, choosing the best method for implementing it and finally getting your suggestions ready for release.

What will you be doing with all that great conference content now that you’re back in the office?

Post-conference follow-up is just as important as the conference itself, maybe even more so in today’s economy. Your organization saw the value in sending you to SAS Global Forum 2014. In return, what’s the best way to ensure that you and your organization will get the most out of that investment?  I’ve done a little research and pulled together a few tips on what to do now that you're home from SAS Global Forum (or any SAS users conference):

  • Act now. Nothing’s staler than yesterday’s news so share feedback with your colleagues as soon as possible. Find a timeframe that works and commit to it. A week or two after you return is optimal, certainly no later than a month.
  • Make it personal. What I really mean by that is, keep it informal and in person. Don’t make your report too labor-intensive for yourself or your colleagues—maybe lunch in a conference room or a regular department meeting. Use this time to share industry practices, case studies, real-world examples or any words of wisdom that apply.
  • Share conference goodies.You can keep those cool giveaways and tchotchkes! Conference content is available on-demand now. Here’s a quick list of links you’ll want to keep for reference or share with others:
  • Follow the rule of three. This tip was new to me, and I’m going to give it a try myself. In the afterglow of the conference, we may try to apply everything we learned all at once. Instead, focus on the three concepts or tools that you can apply reasonably and effectively. Then, move on to the next three ideas, and so on. Let me know what you think.
  • Stay connected. Join a SAS support community. Follow post-conference conversations on SAS Software Facebook page, on Twitter at #sasusers and the SAS LinkedIn company page. Read recaps from all the fine authors at SAS blogs authors.
  • Don’t toss those business cards. Networking is a huge benefit of every SAS user conference, and it shouldn’t stop when you walk out the door of the conference hotel. Dial that phone number and finish up a hallway conversation. Send an email or make a phone call to ask those questions that will naturally come up as you try that new technique.
  • Pitch your ideas to others. Try writing articles about your success (or your struggles—both are useful learning tools.) This tip works for both for your internal audience and for other SAS users. Plan to share your write-up at an upcoming users group meeting. And if you want to share that learning on this blog site, contact me and we’ll explore those options together!

Let me know how these ideas work for you. See you at the next SAS users conference!


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Christina Harvey is an editor for SAS External Communications. She has more than 20 years experience as a technical writer and communications specialist for SAS.

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