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My journey to SAS Global Forum each year resembles a Gartner “Hype Cycle”. Every year, I leave the conference with a million ideas about how I can take what I’ve learned back into my own practice and think (foolishly) that I should write a paper on this or that. Then there is this lull – this sense of complacency that sets in after the real world takes over – and we go back to work. The excitement rises slightly when abstracts and titles are due, but the reality of the commitments are still far off. Then the trough of disillusionment hits when the paper is accepted, and I hadn’t quite thought through the work that would be involved in preparing the examples, the paper itself and the presentation.

It’s not every day that I would use the word “giddy”, but I have to admit, now that my papers are finished, I can look forward to putting my own schedule together for SAS Global Forum 2014. Never before have I seen so many papers directly targeted to the SAS Administrator – from architecture, to security, to SAS Grid and managing metadata – this year promises to be fantastic!

I am giving a few invited papers this year along with a workshop on SAS Administration that starts on Sunday. But for the experienced as well as the uninitiated, here are a few of my favorite peeps! I say this because pretty much anything they have to talk about is worth your time!

Margaret Crevar Paul Homes
Ken Gahagan Peter Villiers
Gary Spakes Stephen Overton
Tricia Aanderud Mike Frost

And the list goes on – that’s why I love this conference and the SAS ecosystem! In addition, I’m so looking forward to meeting some online friends from the SAS online communities such as, and the LinkedIn groups.

Be sure to create your own schedule at SAS Global Forum Connect. As for me, I’ve created my own wish list of things I want to see in the areas of SAS Administration (along with a few other papers I am required to attend) and have included that for you here!

My Interests

1318 - Secure SAS® OLAP Cubes with Top-Secret Permissions, Stephen Overton

1247 - SAS® Admins Need a Dashboard, Too, Michelle Homes and Tricia Aanderud

1262 - SAS® Installations: So you want to install SAS?, Rafi Sheikh

1365 - Tips and Tricks for Organizing and Administering Metadata, Michael Sadof

1491 - Modernizing Your Data Strategy: Understanding SAS® Solutions for Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Governance, and Master Data Management. Greg Nelson

1559 - SAS® Grid Manager I/O: Optimizing SAS® Application Data Availability for the Grid, Gregg Rohaly and Harry Seifert

1684 - Grid—What They Didn't Tell You, Manuel Nitschinger and Phillip Manschek

1721 - Deploying a User-Friendly SAS® Grid on Microsoft Windows, Houliang Li

1761 - Test for Success: Automated Testing of SAS® Metadata Security Implementations, Paul Homes

1792 - Big Data/Metadata Governance, Sigurd Hermansen

1815 - A Case Study: Performance Analysis and Optimization of SAS® Grid Computing Scaling on a Shared Storage, Suleyman Sair and Yingping Zhang

1868 - Queues for Newbies – How to Speak LSF in a SAS® World, Andrew Howell

2237 - The Role of the SAS® Administrator: A Day in the Life of a Modern SAS Enterprise, Greg Nelson, Conference Tutorial

SAS008 - Better Together: Best Practices for Deploying SAS® Web Parts for Microsoft SharePoint, Randy Mullis

SAS054 - Advanced Security Configuration Options for SAS® 9.4 Web Applications and Mobile Devices, Heesun Park

SAS072 - SAS® in the Enterprise—a Primer on SAS® Architecture for IT, Gary Spakes

SAS086 - Integrating Your Corporate Scheduler with Platform Suite for SAS® or SAS® Grid Manager, Paul Northrop

SAS102 - An Advanced Fallback Authentication Framework for SAS® 9.4 and SAS® Visual Analytics, Zhiyong Li

SAS106 - Top 10 Resources Every SAS® Administrator Should Know About, Margaret Crevar

SAS109 - SAS® Administration Panel Discussion, Margaret Crevar

SAS111 - SAS® UNIX Utilities and What They Can Do for You, Jerry Pendergrass

SAS118 - Using Metadata-Bound Libraries to Authorize Access to SAS® Data, Jack Wallace

SAS119 - Lessons Learned from SAS® 9.4 High-Availability and Failover Testing, Arthur Hunt

SAS142 - Security Scenario for SAS® Visual Analytics, Dawn Schrader

SAS167 - Auditing an Enterprise SAS® Visual Analytics 6.2 Environment with SAS® Tools: From the SAS® IT Perspective, Dan Lucas

SAS282 - Useful Tips for Building Your Own SAS® Cloud, Peter Villiers

SAS289 - SAS® Grid Manager, SAS® Visual Analytics, and SAS® High-Performance Analytics: Sharing Hardware and More, Ken Gahagan

SAS299 - Secure Your Analytical Insights on the Plane, in the Café, and on the Train with SAS® Mobile BI, Christopher Redpath

SAS315 - SAS® 9.4 Web Application Performance: Monitoring, Tuning, Scaling, and Troubleshooting, Rob Sioss

SAS357 - Migrating SAS® Java EE Applications from WebLogic, WebSphere, and JBoss to the SAS® Web Server, Zhiyong Li

SAS375 - Effective Use of SAS® Enterprise Guide® in a SAS® 9.4 Grid Manager Environment, Edoardo Riva

SAS394 - Exploring Data Access Control Strategies for Securing and Strengthening Your Data Assets Using SAS® Federation Server, Margaret Crevar and Mike Frost




About Author

Gregory Nelson

President and CEO, Thotwave Technologies, LLC.

Greg is a certified practitioner with over two decades of broad Performance Management and Analytics experience. This has been gained across several commercial, education and government, providing highly transferable skills. He has extensive experience and knowledge of research informatics and regulatory requirements and has been responsible for the delivery of numerous projects in clinical and business environments. He collaborates with stakeholders across organizations, gathering and analyzing their requirements and architecting solutions that are embody thinking data® – data which is more predictive, more accessible, more useable and more coherent. Greg has a passion for turning data into knowledge through Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Warehousing, Master Data Management, Data Governance, Data Quality, and Research Informatics. He has developed strong partnerships with senior management within business and information technology organizations to support transparent project delivery and risk management; he manages stakeholders’ expectations of project delivery. Mr. Nelson holds a B.A. in Psychology and PhD level work in Social Psychology and Quantitative Methods and certifications in project management, Six Sigma, balanced scorecard and healthcare IT.


  1. There are several resources available to you to prepare for the SAS Platform Administrator exam. Check out the SAS Global Certification website at and click on the Platform Administrator credential. You will then see a tab for Exam Preparation which will show recommended training courses and sample questions. You can also purchase the course book if you are unable to attend training in person:

    Hope that helps,
    Terry Barham, Manager SAS Global Certification

  2. Greetings Gregory,
    Good information. Apart from getting hands-on experience, what resources would you recommend an Admin to review and know before taking the SAS Platform Administrator exam?


  3. Richard Paterson on

    Great list of papers. Really inspiring to see the amount of creativity within the SAS community. Have fun!

  4. Hi Greg,

    That's a great list of admin papers. I already had about half of them on my must-see list, but after seeing your list I've just added a few more I missed when building my schedule. Here are a few extra SAS admin related papers I'm keen to see:

    SAS103 - A Guide to SAS® for the IT Organization, Lisa Horwitz
    SAS105 - So Much Software, So Little Time: Deploying SAS® Onto Oodles of Machines, Mark Schneider
    SAS117 - Helpful Hints for Transitioning to SAS® 9.4, Cindy Taylor
    SAS146 - Considerations for Adding SAS® Visual Analytics to an Existing SAS® Business Intelligence Deployment, Christine Vitron
    SAS305 - Best Practices for Implementing High Availability for SAS® 9.4, Cheryl Doninger

    I know what you mean about the number of admin papers. It's been wonderful to see the numbers increasing over the last few years. It's got to the point now that it's impossible to see them all without schedule clashes.

    Thanks for the mention in your post. I feel very honored to be included.

    See you in Washington in a few weeks.


    • Hi all,

      It's a very exciting time in the world of analytics. As Paul pointed out, it's hard to see them all - i'm hoping the geneticists will bring down the cost of cloning! 😉

      Paul, thanks for highlighting the ones that I missed! I can't believe I overlooked those!

      Hoping that we can get to a point where ALL of the presentations will be recorded but am grateful for the SGUG Board on ensuring that the proceedings continue and that the on-demand sessions are growing in popularity!


  5. Greg - It looks like we'll be running into each other in quite a few talks! I will be attending Financial Services / Banking specific presentations, but a lot of your selections are hitting the target for me, too! Looking forward to seeing you there!

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