SAS Global Forum 2014: No more Velcro dots!


If you know what this means, you’ll love our news!  SAS Global Forum 2013 was the official “Year of the Poster”, and conference chair Rick Mitchell and his team more than tripled the number of poster submissions.  Posters are indispensable for visual content.  Poster presentations are also a huge asset to conference goers:  they provide a great way for students and first-timers to get their feet wet with presenting technical content. (And when accepted, they are a strong incentive for getting approval to attend!)

But poster logistics have been the stuff of legend—damage in travel, easels too small, frazzled nerves!   For every poster displayed, presenters were given a packet of Velcro dots that needed to be affixed to the backs of their presentations then secured onto easels.  This year, presenters and viewers alike will enjoy the ease and control of ePosters!

For presenters, ePosters means:

  • No more static content!  Now you’ll have the ability to include drill-down graphics and tables, show multiple views, and include video and audio in your poster.
  • No more carrying sheets of poster board through long lines at the airport or special handling fees.
  • You can update your poster until the due date without worrying about printing. 
  • Once your abstract has been accepted, you’ll receive a packet of information telling how and when to submit your completed poster.

Instead of a forest of boards with paper displays in the SAS Support and Demo Area, SAS Global Forum attendees will find a series of large electronic displays.  Attendees can enjoy:

  • Displays arranged by topic area, with the posters for each topic area rotating on a single display.
  • High-definition display menus that enable you to select the poster you would like to view and pause it for deeper study.

The steps are easy.  So submit your poster ideas now before the Call for Content closes on October 21.


About Author

Marje Fecht

Conference Chair, SAS Global Forum 2014

A SAS user since 1979, Marje specializes in building and teaching efficient, adaptable and reusable solutions. Marje began teaching SAS and statistics at the University of North Carolina in 1979. She then taught and wrote SAS courses from 1984 to 2000. Marje served as Education Manager for SAS in the Chicago office and then as National Education Manager for SAS Canada. As a Senior Partner for Prowerk Consulting since 2000, she now focuses on consulting and training in many industries, including financial services and education. Marje will serve as the Conference Chair for SAS Global Forum 2014.

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