SAS Global Forum 2014. . . a global show and share!


Remember being young and bursting with anticipation of the next show and tell? You knew you had something really amazing to share, and you wanted your classmates to see or hear it.

Get ready for that same feeling of excitement and anticipation. Because it’s back. On a much bigger, global scale.

SAS Global Forum 2014 is run for SAS users, by SAS users. That means all of the content presented at the event is from users like you – and it’s the premier stage for a global show and share!

From August 19 until October 21, we want you to submit your best and brightest tips and tricks in the SAS Global Forum open Call for Content. Instead of showing your favorite pet rock, show us how you impressed your colleagues with the most amazing graphics and reports using SAS – and how you did it in no time flat. Now’s your time to shine!

Visit the SAS Global Forum website for more details on what we are looking for and how to submit.


About Author

Marje Fecht

Conference Chair, SAS Global Forum 2014

A SAS user since 1979, Marje specializes in building and teaching efficient, adaptable and reusable solutions. Marje began teaching SAS and statistics at the University of North Carolina in 1979. She then taught and wrote SAS courses from 1984 to 2000. Marje served as Education Manager for SAS in the Chicago office and then as National Education Manager for SAS Canada. As a Senior Partner for Prowerk Consulting since 2000, she now focuses on consulting and training in many industries, including financial services and education. Marje will serve as the Conference Chair for SAS Global Forum 2014.

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