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A good chunk of the SAS year revolves around SAS Global Forum. Pre-conference, everyone is busy polishing presentations and planning meetings. Post-conference is the best—attendees come back to Cary with heads full of customer ideas to implement and notebooks full of contacts to follow up on. One user's request found its way to my Inbox last week when a coworker asked me to review a list of SAS administration resources. 

My coworker's note reminded me that new SAS adminstrators join the ranks every month so it seems like a good time to compile a list of online resources.  If I've overlooked your favorite, please share with everyone by commenting on this post. 

For connecting with other SAS administrators, there are several good options:

If you're responsible for installing and maintaining a SAS installation, you will find most of the information necessary to accomplish your tasks on these sites:

 Prefer videos?  SAS Talks On Demand offers several videos for the SAS administrator. 

 And, of course, don't forget training and documentation:

 Please let us know how SAS can continue to support this important role.


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  1. Hello ,
    I want one solution about forecast project is locked so i kill the pid and still project is locked so Restart the sever . but Every time cant restart the server so what to do ... please help me Regarding the project

    • Christina Harvey
      Christina Harvey on

      Thank you for reading our blog!

      If you are looking for personal or corporate training, SAS Training offers courses and certification for SAS administrators.

      You may also contact your local SAS office for training offered in your region. They may also have a list of consultants or contractors who can help.


    • Christina Harvey
      Christina Harvey on


      The answer to your question on the best way to learn SAS administration depends very much on your educational background and your experience.

      If you read the blog posts referenced in the post "SAS administrator roles and responsibilities: a recap", you’ll see that the answer depends on your knowledge and experience as a general systems administrator as well as your knowledge of SAS software. Experienced SAS administrators will tell you they’ve acquired their skills and knowledge through a combination of formal training (paid instruction), informal training (online or other resources) and hands-on experience.

      You can find more information about SAS administrator training offered by SAS instructors at this URL:


  2. Hello,
    Do i need to get training from others by paying them or can i learn it through internet.Could you people help me in this??

    Thanks in advance..

    Sridhar Yadav

  3. Robert Wasicak on

    Does the metadata layer capture the number of login's per user? And how can I get at it? I have been using the metadata browser but would like to write a query to extract this type of information.

    • Christina Harvey
      Christina Harvey on


      I’ve forwarded your question to a couple of experts who may be able to help. They felt the answer would be of interest to other SAS administrators and worthy of a separate blog post. Please look for their answer in Wednesday’s post (July 24).

      Thanks for asking!

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