Pot of gold at the end of each SAS user conference


Every time you see a rainbow, do you look to see where it begins and where it ends? Legend has it that there is a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow with leprechauns guarding it. While this might be popular Irish folklore, and you may not find gold at the end of the rainbow, you will find there is a treasure trove at the end of every SAS Global Forum.

SAS Global Forum is one of the largest user-based conferences, and it has amassed a lot of treasure over the past three decades. Each year, the locale and the conference theme change to meet the current needs of SAS users. While the 80’s "large volumes" may have been associated more with the "big hair" trend, the 2013 conference was fashionably bigger and interested in large volumes of another kind--Big Data and Big Analytics!

To reflect the title of Dr. Dave Dickey’s paper, SAS conferences are all about finding the gold in your data. And like the information in Dr. Dickey’s paper, there are numerous conference treasures in the form of Paper Presentations, trend-setting interviews with industry leaders on Live Reports, geek wisdom on Tech Talks, on-site interviewers with SAS attendees and many other cool videos captured on demand for later viewing.

SAS Global Forum Take-Out is another treasure that offers a selection of some of the best audio presentations from the conference. For those of you primarily interested in reading technical papers and posters, we have it all! Proceedings for 38 conferences from 1976 to 2013 have been archived for your reading pleasure.

The meetups and networking events at the conference inspire each one of us differently. If you are inspired and interested in learning more about your local users groups and participating at similar engagements, take a look at the Happenings page. It has all the current information on customer events, SAS Talks, users groups, newsletters, blogs and much more. It’s a goldmine. The more you dig, the more gold you find!

We hope you find these SAS resources helpful and find creative ways to reap the benefits of this "pot of gold" by reading, commenting and sharing with your network.

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